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Did you find the Easter egg? It'ssssssss cool!

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Tue, Jul 05, 2016 since last update
Welcome to uie city , a city of amazement and wonder .
Uie city has been in the planning phases for a long time
and has taken a lot of time for construction . But now finally it has neared
final completion . with all 5 districts almost complete .
Give it a diamond on planet Minecraft if you like it ! :
Download link :
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Wed, Jan 06, 2016 since last update
L'Opera de Minecraft (The Minecraft Opera) is a newly made Opera House inspired by Phantom of the Opera. The House seats around 200 with additional options for standing in the side and upper balconies. There is a bar, restaurant, gift shop and conference room with a rather large amount of space dedicated to performers (IE Dorms and a cafeteria)

Don't trust any paintings either... It is rumored that there is a tunnel system throughout the bottom of the Opera House.

Additional Notes

My first big project.

Focus on the main theater, in case you didn't notice I am TERRIBLE with furniture, especially in the back rooms etc. If you don't like the interior decorating, feel free to do some of your own decorating as long as you don't claim it as your own.

If you want to use it on your server or something please ask me first.
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Sat, Jan 02, 2016 since last update
Thanks to GameChap & Bertie!

Diamonds are appreciated!
Favourites and comments are also gratified!

With this being the final update of GCHQ 2.0 I have added in a little "mini-game" for players to complete if they choose to. It's really just a buch of simple riddles wirtten into books in order to find a treasure I have hidden somewhere in the vaciniety of GCHQ. I hope you enjoy. Special thanking to anyone who has followed this map from the start, and to GameChap and Bertie for believing in it. As this is the final update I should hope it would make it easier for players now wishing to download it and use it as their own survival world as some have suggested in comment prior. Currently I do not have plans for a GCHQ 3.0, however I would like to return to work on something with the Chaps in the future- given the chance! Until then, chaps and chapettes...until then.

GCHQ Includes:
The House- with kitchen, crafting,living and smithing areas.
A secret stairwell.
Command Block lifts.
A lobby/ 3x3 Piston Door
The GCHQ Nexus
The Bert-Computer 2.0
The Bob-O-Meter
Toggledownfall Machine
Potions room
Trophy Room
Enchanting Station
Nether Portal
Only to be updated in case of bugs/redstone errors.

Bert-Cave, coming soon...

If you decide to use this map in any public display such as a youtube video and/or other thing PLEASE ensure propper crediting to myself as the builder (this "disclaimer" was added due to such a thing not being taken into account prior).
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Mon, Feb 06, 2017 since last update
Here is a Land that I created and named Zendertica! It is a very large city with Skyscrapers, Restaurants, Hotels, Mansions, Underground Tunnels and Paths, Castles, 2 Factories (with Items) and a whole lot more!!!

I have been working on this land for about 6 Years! Still am building on it, but it will be BIGGER!

I plan to create more buildings, skyscrapers, and underground structures.
*If you have any Ideas, I would Love to hear about them!!*

If there are any problems or things that you noticed that need changed, please feel free to tell me! :)

Thank you!
~ LonBon22
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