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Thu, Jun 30, 2016 since last update
Texture Pack works wonderfully in 1.8, not in 1.9 nor 1.10
The Main City is Saint Pierre, a NYC based city that makes this city beautiful, it includes Subway System, Apartments, Parks, Office Buildings, Brooklyn Bridge.

Resource Pack:

Updated Frecuently

This Uptdate: (8th August, 2016)
Ended the terminal of metro lines 4 and 2, the Port Brothers Stations, with a big entrance, a bus station, train storage area and a train workshop.


The areas:
Saint Pierre (Navassa) - Manhattan (New York)
Townledge (Townledge) - Brooklyn (Kings)
Queenton (Queenton) - Queens (Queens)
The Brothers (Brothers) - Bronx (Bronxs)
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Sun, Jan 22, 2017 since last update
The original house came from the Fox TV show Scream Queens. Not Mine, I just rebuilt It. You need the furniture mod by Mr. Crayfish, the CustomNPCs mod, and the dyeable beds mod. If you do use this house, Please give credit to Joey106.
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Sat, Dec 26, 2015 since last update
This is a mini game about WWE Themes, A video on youtube is upload on youtube so if you want to check it out to see how to install it is up to you here is the link -
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Wed, Jan 25, 2017 since last update
This build took me about a week to make, the landscaping was difficult but it ended up working 🙂

It was made with the FlowHD Revival resource pack and screenshots were taken with Chocapic V3 shaders.
hope you enjoy 🙂
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Mon, Jun 08, 2015 since last update
para la 1.8
Puedes elegir tu raza para jugar un survival:







+easter eggs

+Dimension Happy

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Thu, May 25, 2017 since last update
First we didn't create this map all credits go to the original creators (link for the world found here: )
Second Credits to the people who helped build the kingdom: the_ultracreeper, Wolvesbane1, julimonster12, Roelof007, _Just_Maxie_, louloukip, Renokingfisher, xanvip101 & Diver30000
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Sat, Apr 30, 2016 since last update
The Escapists en Minecraft es un minijuego simple, no tan dificil, en el cual eres un pobre recluso pixelado dentro de una carcel muuuuy aburrida. ¿Quieres quedarte mas tiempo alli­? Quiza no te agrade demasiado, creeme... es aburrida.

Tu objetivo es simple, ¡Escapa!, ¿Como?, ¡No lo se! Eso depende de ti.

Puedes Trabajar, investigar, buscar, encontrar, comprar, intercambiar con los otros reclusos, crear herramientas que te faciliten tu huida.

La carcel cuenta con diversos sistemas de seguridad tipicos, como Camaras, Guardias armados, detector de metales, controles (asistencia), puertas con llave... nada raro, ¿verdad?

Intenta escapar de esta carcel lo antes posible, ¿lo conseguiras?

Espero te guste el mapa, estuve un buen tiempo haciendolo :)

¡¡IMPORTANTE!! ACTUALMENTE SOLO ESTA FUNCIONANDO EN LA SNAPSHOT 16w04a (de la 1.9), versiones superiores o inferiores son incompatibles con algunos comandos y etiquetas de estos. Lo solucionare lo antes posible.

The Escapists in Minecraft is a simple minigame, not so difficult, in which you are a poor prisoner in a pixelated sooo boring jail. You want to stay longer there? Maybe you do not like too much, believe me ... it's boring.

Your goal is simple, Escape !, How ?, not know! It depends on you.

You can work, research, search, find, buy, exchange with other inmates, create tools that will facilitate your escape.

The prison has several typical security systems like cameras, armed guards, metal detectors, controls (assistance), locked doors ... nothing unusual, right?

Try to escape this prison as soon as possible, you will get it?

I hope you like the map I was a good time doing it :)

!Important! currently only operating in the snapshot 16w04a (of 1.9), upper or lower are incompatible with some of these commands and labels. I'll solve it as soon as possible.
Thank you
Sorry if my English is very bad, I'm using translator hahaha :P
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Mon, May 29, 2017 since last update
First of all this map is in the MC Version 1.7.10 with 54 mods to make a more realistic experience possible. This is a huge map of Puerto Rico I made it with world painter, it's so big that many details such as island borders are very clear, in a flans mod vehicle it may take up to 10 minutes to cross the country from west to east, mountains are very big and making roads through them proved to be quite difficult, but not impossible, roughly more than 90% of the map is according to real life things, the rest includes houses and other buildings that are not actually found in PR but are there for our fun in playing the map, we made houses and car dealerships where we liked so those buildings are not accurate, it also includes 11 of the mayor lakes in PR like "Lago Guajataca, Toa Vaca, Carite, Carraizo, La Plata, Dos Bocas, Caonillas" and many more, some roads are not exactly the same as in real life, like the road that joins San Juan and Utuado through lake La Plata and the road that joins Mayaguez with Adjuntas, such roads exist in a web of rural roads not just one solid road, I designed solid road to make it easier to build houses in such areas, roads that are in real PR are PR-2, PR-52, PR-22,PR-3, PR-53, PR-18, PR-26, PR-66 PR-21, PR-10, PR-100 and PR-101 are interstates that are present in Minecraft located where they are in real life. The map does not include vegetation to make it easier to build these things, last details that are in real life are airports, like "Eugenio Maria de Hostos in Mayaguez and Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan". Airports that are missing are "Rafael Hernandez - Aguadilla airport and Merceditas in Ponce. The Culebra airport is not exactly where it actually is given the fact that the island in Minecraft is relatively small. One extra detail, "Central Palo Alto" of the Electric Power Authority of PR in Catano is also placed as a real life detail in MC.
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Timeless beautiful ship, a very detail accurate replica :-) Ich habe mir das Schiff vor Jahren einmal angeschaut mit mc 8.x Dieses Ding würde sehr gut in eine Venedig Scenery passen !!...
raigoo 9 hours, 28 minutes ago
Yeah, the map generator stopped working a while ago, and the admin doesn't have permissions to fix it. It only supported vanilla minecraft, so if it had rendered it might have looked weird. We...
44roads 1 day, 3 hours ago
In this 4th version of my world I have most crops (15): wheat, potato, beetroot , carrot, melon, pumpkin, sugar cane, sweet berries, cactus, red mushroom (small & huge), brown mushroom (small & huge),...
RoBoRe 1 week, 1 day ago
This map broke. Also, since I am a newbie, does this website support modded road markings?...
BuiIdTheBuilder 1 week, 5 days ago
A slightly updated version of my world is available here! This is right before I stupidly updated to 1.13. Now I can't see half th...
ManBeast 1 week, 5 days ago
I would love to start a new server, and am willing to be an admin. I know Zephyr302 also has interest in the server. Would be great to get the group back together.[/quote I agree with you, play...
DiGiDiX57 1 week, 5 days ago
Stuff I have build but forgotten to mention in the description: also tunnels, bridges, different types of pathways, artificial islands (floors of 1 block cobblestone) (6?), roofs above flatten pieces ...
RoBoRe 2 weeks, 6 days ago
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