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Thu, Mar 10, 2016 since last update
This is a scaled map of New Zealand, with the two main islands: North and South. You spawn in the supposed area of Wellington, which is close to the center of the both islands.

Update 3.1.1: Removed custom trees and layers.

It has all of the ores that exists in Minecraft, and that means it's great for multiplayer survival servers.
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Wed, Feb 24, 2016 since last update
Check out:
Cake Break! on Planet Minecraft (more images, diamond the project!)

The Cake Break! trailer on youtube:

This is a multiplayer PVP map for four teams to fight in a thrilling survival in the sky. Each team is given a few resources, just enough to grow trees, make cobblestone and bake cake! Teams are placed on four different platforms and have to fight to be the last team standing, using a scoreboard system and special rules...

-Teams get 3 points every time a team player eats a slice of cake
-Teams lose 10 points every time a team player dies.
-Once a team reaches 0 points, they lose and are sent back to spawn to spectate.

Each team starts with 50 points and needs to struggle to bake cake as fast as possible to keep an advantage. Teams can be heavily handicapped if some of their resources are stolen or destroyed; this means that you are constantly on the watch for you opponents and you never lose the thrill of the game.
On the third night, monsters start to spawn (there will be a warning in-game!), so teams need fortified bases and torches set up if they want to be safe. This adds another layer of intensity to the game.
The game is full of possibilities, depending on the players' fighting style. Some hide away and wait out their enemies, while others sneak and destroy bases from within, while some create nerd-poles and drop TNT on their unsuspecting opponents. Either way, the greatest advantage is to bake cake to have a chance to fight your enemies without reaching 0 points.
Only one team can win, so make sure not to miss your opportunities to murder your enemies in cold, frosting-covered blood.

Losers will respawn in a spectator room with access to spectator mode, so they can continue watching the action (even from 1st person POV, thanks Mojang!)

I hope you enjoy the map. If you're looking for ways to spice up your Cake Break game, make sure to check out the Cake Break! Collection on Planet Minecraft, with versions that have snowballs, access to the nether, smaller platforms, further platforms, etc.
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Sun, Oct 09, 2016 since last update
Hi there! Welcome to our second map on this website! Essentially, this is a multiplayer, team vs team map, in which the two teams fight against each other on 9 floating islands. Other than the main island and shop, each of these islands contains a secret, which only can be unlocked by completing a previous island (by locating & taking the secret item on it). The secret items found on the islands can be of extreme helpfulness, allowing you to have certain advantages over the opposing team. After unlocking all secrets from the various islands, the shop island will open, allowing you to upgrade your weapon and/or buy other useful tools using emeralds. So, how do you get these emeralds? Well, every kill gives you 3 emeralds for you to spend. And of course, the team of the last man standing wins the game. Have fun on this crazy map! If you use this map in any videos, servers, etc, please remember to credit colik6 and Axmszr. Do feel free to inform me (in comments or pm) of any broken devices or command mechanics that are messing up to game play! Thanks a lot for downloading and playing our map!! :)

-colik6 and Axmszr

Some extra info:
-Map made in minecraft 1.10
-Do read the rule book found in the respective team base before starting
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This map broke. Also, since I am a newbie, does this website support modded road markings?...
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A slightly updated version of my world is available here! This is right before I stupidly updated to 1.13. Now I can't see half th...
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DiGiDiX57 1 week, 5 days ago
Stuff I have build but forgotten to mention in the description: also tunnels, bridges, different types of pathways, artificial islands (floors of 1 block cobblestone) (6?), roofs above flatten pieces ...
RoBoRe 2 weeks, 6 days ago
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