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We made a Let's Play for Mars Mission

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Sun, Sep 09, 2012 since last update
Hello, this is the first map I have uploaded. I hope it gets noticed and liked by a lot of people because I am continuously working on it. There is a lot of stuff here including 4 lands (Old, New, Ancient, and Lost lands), 6 city's (Moonlight, Graytusk, Oasis, Emerald Islands, Lapidmontem, and Azuris), 3 Towns (Freezover, Callinsville, and Riverhold), 7 guilds (Hunters, Silverstones, Assassins, Dragon hunters, Adventurers, Wizards, and Barbarians), 10 major landmarks (Statue of Nivarris, Mega Prison, Mt. Callinus, Eye of the Gods, Continental Bridge, Volenthem Tower, Nivarris's Fort, Temple of Zru, Wizard Sanctuary, and Altar to Akkin) and countless ruins! Special shout out to my buddies in the Spiritcraft team including Skullkin9999, Minion_Giblet, Slightly Stealthy, and Taylor42 who helped a lot. Hope you enjoy!
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Mon, Aug 18, 2014 since last update
Battle it out in a PVP ARENA designed for BATTLE, DESTRUCTION, and DOING ALL OVER AGAIN!
This map uses the /Clone command so after a battle of epic explosions and fires , you can reset the arena with the press of a button!

You never have to save a backup again after each battle! (That is unless you blow up the command blocks or the prototype arena needed to clone the battle arena).

Collaborate with your opponent before the battle how you want to play, what to fight for, etc. etc.

There was a lot of trial and error while making the reset sequence, so there may be some undiscovered problems. Please let me know if something goes wrong and I will try to patch it ASAP.

This map has recently been updated to 2.6, update includes:
-Some of the /gamerule switches in spawn didn't do anything. This has been fixed.
-New buttons at spawn allow you to change time to:
*Map default (12700)
*Noon (6000)
*Midnight (18000)

Update 2.5 included:
-When resetting the map, the stone and dirt underground in the arena will now be refilled before reset commences. This is because if you were to blow up the entire arena to the bedrock barrier and reset it, the reset would only reset the first 2 or so layers and leave a huge gap of air underneath.
I ran some tests with other players and found that there were large holes under the arena afterwards. :P

Update 2.4 included:
-All entities such as horses and random items on the floor will be removed when the reset sequence is activated.
-When players telleport to the arena, their game mode will change to survival and their inventory will be cleared.

Update 2.3 included:
-Buttons to change some game rules!
And other small details that I fixed

Update 2.2 included
-You will no longer see command block messages like "Filled this area" unless it is a "Say" Command.
-Castle gates can now be toggled by a switch near the gate. This uses fill commands.
-Castle beacons now have different colors. Note the red beacon is the Spawn
-Added some more loot and Easter Eggs. Some of them, literal Easter Eggs.
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Thu, Jun 20, 2013 since last update
The ultimate battle.
1. No going down/across/over the giant pitt.
2. No PvP until you decide to
3. Once you die, your out.
4. Have Fun!

5. You may break blocks.
6. You may set a timer
7. Works for all Snapshots and Updates. (maybe)
8. Will have Skydoesminecraft references.
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Tue, Feb 19, 2013 since last update
Runner 2.0 by alexmitchell1, legomaxie and bellamitchell

There are currently 4 versions of runner:
Water Runner
Core runner
Hard runner
This is still going to be updated.
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