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Thu, Jun 05, 2014 since last update
This is a map made with the mod: Avatar - The last blockbender. The download link is here: . The main goal is to find The City of Earth, The City of Air, The City of Water and The City of Fire and collect the corresponding rolls and reach te top level of the tower of elements. There are 64 potatoes to collect. Please leave a comment about the amount of potatoes you found and/or if there are any bugs. If there is a pop-up that there are missing blocks, that can be right. Just ignore it. Please leave a reaction if there is a problem.

BTW. Feel free to use this map however you like. No credit for me if u don't want to.
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Thu, Aug 01, 2013 since last update
This is a fully automatic, potion mass production factory. As much as 3.75 times faster than standard single-stand systems, this brewing station can mass produce any potion in the game with minimal player interaction. Select your individual ingredients or set up presets for frequent favorites! Signs throughout explain components. Check out this video for demonstration and basic explanation, and stay tuned for a possible video tutorial!

Credit to Etho for inspiration
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Thu, Apr 19, 2012 since last update
A manually built and developed survival world, product of many months time wastage. Includes explored and semi-exploited strongholds, several developed and expanded NPC villages, extensive farming, mining, plus an extensive netherportal system for navigating much of the explored world to date.

This map was generated around the time Minecraft left beta, so most Jungle Biomes are fairly distant from the original spawn point. Major development including Enchantment table and Potion brewing centers with warehousing and storage chests are near the saved location in a storage room under the Testificate Chapel in Cathedraltown, a developed NPC village currently supporting 4 or 5 iron golems.

A partially developed rail system runs through the mountainous region NNW of the save point in Cathedraltown, leading to a trail system that extends to the spawn point and other developed areas, but the netherwart farm near the portal that is also under the chapel, along with reserves of obsidian at the depths of that areas mine should not be ignored... since that also leads to the portal network that's the simplest method of exploring at least the areas of the map so far explored and developed to any degree.

Many of the extensively mined areas have been systematically mined for diamond using mapping tools, so if you aren't using such tools, finding diamond will tend to be more successful if you start in areas that are not already extensively mined.

Screencap was shot inworld, near the save point, using Romecraft 9.8 texture pack. Appearance may vary considerably using other texture packs, especially given the appearance of colored wool in that pack, which was used extensively in some buildings in Cathedraltown.

And extensive free population of colored sheep and chickens (fewer pigs and cattle) exists both West and Northeast of St. Testificate's Chapel and the walled grain field.

Bridges and torches, as well as cleared forest areas should provide hints of the areas that are most extensively built up and deeply mined. All but the older mines tend to contain fairly vertical spiral stairs leading to the depths, with varying degrees of exploration in the middle depths. Some older mines have fairly flakey pathways and are easier to get lost inside, but may also have multiple exits to the surface, especially some of those nearest the original spawn point.

There is also a fully active End Portal in the Stronghold buried beneath the desert to the North-Northeast of spawn. It may be a little hard to find, but if you find the libraries you'll know you're close.

Also, there's a Blaze spawner set up in the far Northeast part of the map, with a nearby portal that leads to a fairly well-stocked potion brewing lab and other resources.

Current version (4.28.12) has been cleaned of useless data and is considerably smaller in file size, but still a fairly sprawling map.

Update changes:

- extended and completed powered rail system between village north of spawn point, extending past spawn and south to Cathedraltown.
- current save includes ~17 experience points in the storeroom beneath the chapel, near the enchantment table and the central netherportal which comes out near the main netherwart farm.

It would probably be advisable to start out in peaceful mode, as a lot of saved resources could be lost or damaged if you happen to get a creeper attack from this starting point. Please note: the map currently is not updated to the newer version.
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Tue, Feb 24, 2015 since last update
Test world with brewing setups.

Goal is a semi-automatic system where the recipe is set up in droppers, you push a button, potions brew, you take the potions out.

Final model uses three recipes/buttons. Refilling/changing recipe is easy. Takes up a good amount of space but easy to use.
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