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We made a Let's Play for Mars Mission

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Mon, Jul 02, 2012 since last update
First off BEST VIEWED with the John smith Texture pack.
Get it here =>

This Update will be the last non-adventure map update unless a completed non-adventure map version is requested. I plan on making this map an adventure map after the release of 1.3.

This map is created by one person, Me.
This map was started since early to mid Alpha. (When i started playing Minecraft.)
This map was made with out help from bukkit or the like. There was some minor MCedit used for importing other creations outside main castle from older maps though.
This map started off as survival(no cheating) till creative mode was made.
This map also contains many red stone contraptions including various secret tunnels, hidden passageways, and several working portcullis.
This map contains monuments, statues, ranges, training areas, soldier barracks, libraries, laboratories, a royal theater, palace, Shops, an upper level and lower level, apartments, houses, imports offices, sailing ships, a light house/ monument, a mine shaft, farms, underground farms, towers, a church, a graveyard, various crypts, and Tons more.

Notable updates since last,
-New Underground shopping and apartments.
-New underground farming area.
-New Ramen shop in the upper level.
-Added Traders.
-Dragon skull added to palace main entrance.
-Dragon now made to look frozen and gutted. (part of adventure story line. Walk inside him to see his ribs.)
-Added several crypts outside castle walls.
-Queen's lookout tower.
-More sewer tunnels.
-New sewer pump station in the upper castle (for looks).
-Various changes and tweaks. More than I can remember.
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Fri, Mar 29, 2013 since last update
This is a world download for the improved "Tree Eater" Tree Farm described in the video here:

The original design was created by cubehamster and hazelnut2002.
I have added a dispenser for automatically applying bonemeal to the saplings as well as fixed some problems with v1.5 as shown in the video.

The world has the original design by hazelnut2002 on the right and my improved version on the left for comparison.
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Mon, Feb 23, 2015 since last update
I started this world back in the Beta days in 2011 and kept updating it with new contraptions throughout the time. First I did only play in survival and made a few projects there. The castle walls, the first mobtrap and the minecart track leading to my digging site are purele legit ;) After that I started spawning in Blocks and subsequently got more lazy when bulding stuff. I started using creative mode and even used mcedit for some stuff(Cave Lighting, Witch-, Guardian-, Sugarcane- and Slime-Farm(digging out the area above), Slime-Block-Elevator by JL2579 as well as the longer Nether tunnels). So most of the other stuff is not pureley legit but still took a while placing all those blocks ;)

For all the Designs i have to credit JL2579 and the Zipkrowd-Crew, Docm77,MumboJumbo,Minecraftwithdummies,Etho,IOser100 and all the others I forgot!

- Big Base Area with space to build your own stuff inside the castle Walls
and the Big Tower
- Item Sorter Storage System inside the Castle with almost every Item
beeing sorted in
- old-school Iron Golem Farm inside the Tower
- old-school Mob Farm at the Castle
- Semi-automatic Sheep-Farm with every color near the base
- Zombie-Pigmen-Farm at the Castle
- Automatic Carrot Farm with villager AI at the base
- semi-automatic Pig- and Cow-Farm
- semi-automatic Tree Farm at the base
- automatic Melon- and Sugarcane-Farm at the base
- automatic Furnace Array at the base
- Slime-Farm near the base connected with minecarts on the overworld
- Netherhub with Minecart connections to various locations:
- Enderman-XP-Farm in the End
- Witch-Farm
- Uncharted lands loaded in 1.8 for new terrain generation
- Guardian-Farm located after the uncharted lands
- Elevators

That should cover most of the stuff I hope you enjoy my world and I would love hear your comments or to see screenshots if you build something in my world because I am not the most creative builder and my castle is pretty emtpy ;)

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Mon, Jun 06, 2011 since last update
This is my TFUN server were a couple of poeple are building a whole new earth. amazing things are to be seen and most of it is all crafted by hand.
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This map was such a large part of my childhood! I hope the link will be fixed, this map gives me such amazing nostalgia!...
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