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Tagged easy

3,201 downloads 1 comments
Sat, May 18, 2013 since last update
This house was meant fo people who just started minecraft, They can learn on this island on how to play mc. i have put supplies in the chests for them
2,893 downloads 1 comments
Thu, Apr 19, 2012 since last update
This is a pretty cool Map i build in 3 hours (whitout SinglePlayerCommands)
I hope u will enjoy this map and download it and PLS ....
Tell you friends if you like it !
This Map has a Parcour Tutorial too !
HAVE FUN !!! :D [by danscheron]
1,764 downloads 3 comments
Wed, Dec 07, 2011 since last update
This is the first part to the great herobrine escape.
go to this link for more info.
LINK: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/845388-the-great-herobrine-escape/#entry10866167
1,088 downloads 0 comments
Thu, Apr 04, 2013 since last update
Download from : http://adf.ly/K7fTI
This is a very fun adventure map but its kinda a challange. The rules are in game. Oh ya, this is my very first adventure map so tell me what you think and post your score in comments I didnt post any more pics because I dont want to ruin the fun. IF its to hard then put it on easy and if its still to hard put it on peaceful when you get to the forgotten forest. In the lava jumping part you use the clay you have collected to get across
498 downloads 1 comments
Fri, Mar 08, 2013 since last update
This awesome Adventure/Puzzle/Survival map (Single Player) will have you guessing when you are sentence 5 years for stealing from the villagers you must do the time or... escape ;) have fun!


Map Creator: CameraLove88XD

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/DaRealCameraLove88XD

Twitch: twitch.tv/cameralove88xd

Twitter: twitter.com/CameraLove88XD

Steam: CameraLove88XD

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CameraLove88XD

Email: [email protected]
493 downloads 0 comments
Thu, Dec 25, 2014 since last update
A selection of simple note block songs and instructions on how to make them yourself. To see video tutorials check out www.youtube.com/willderphil
208 downloads 0 comments
Tue, May 29, 2012 since last update
requires portal gun mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/199391-125-portal-gun-reconstructed-v1-thermal-discouragement-beams/

requires portal texture pack: http://adf.ly/5JON1


Please enjoy and don't use mods! It's not cool.
169 downloads 0 comments
Fri, Sep 02, 2011 since last update
it is just a simple puzzle map, it is my very first one so any constructive criticism would be appreciated :)
Recent Comments
woaw !!! mais un conseil, faite une zone safety car j'y ai été, après quelque nuit y a plein de mob partout...
creeper24_Youtuber 2 weeks, 4 days ago
Please fix file so we can download it again....
thornwolf 3 weeks, 1 day ago
Hey just wondering if you have the coordinates for each of the areas? like fire nation area, earth area, water area, ect?...
BorderlineBard 1 month, 4 days ago
How do I download this world?...
SuperBeastMiney 1 month, 6 days ago
Hi! I just recently discovered this map/world, and I have to say that it's driving me CRAZY trying to find the Nether Portal haha. Tried to find it in the pruned version as well, but no such luck. ...
Sarphire 1 month, 1 week ago
I'm amazed to see how many would do this , great job everyone, since cellphones work in minecraft we will see many world's yet to come ☺️...
jcloko 1 month, 4 weeks ago
why i can not download the map?? :( it is incredible!!...
zotto21 2 months, 2 weeks ago
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