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Mon, Mar 06, 2017 since last update
City on the River - fireworks, concert hall, cinema, stadium, shops, restaurants, churches, police, hospital, fire department, parliament, airport, seaport, farm, castle, volcano, ......., etc.

Minecraft v.1.7.10

City on the River - Planet Minecraft
City on the River - information map
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Mon, Sep 05, 2011 since last update
A local server based on an ancient Egyptian Civilization. Download to come in version 2.0.

Features a town center, governmental district, military district, market, 2 residential areas, 3 pyramids, a temple, a roman colony, shipyard, and harbor. Filled with surprises!
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Tue, May 12, 2015 since last update
a small medieval harbor, realist, not fantastic

Please use Halcyon Days Ressource Pack (it's better !)
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Wed, Jul 06, 2011 since last update
Since the old map was kind of buggy i transferred the most important parts to this map. I'm currently working on the Harbour and the city attached to it.

Check it out!
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Fri, Feb 26, 2016 since last update
Hey Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Map .

Wenn ich vorstellen duerfte die Turmstadt Awendum mit ihrer ganzen Pracht.
Sie hat alles was man in einer Mittelaterlichen Stadt so braucht. Ob Tavernen mit Bierkellern,Landhauser fuer die Lords,Felder und Muehlen fuer die Bauern, ein Marktplatz wo waren angeboten werden, ein grosses Ritter Turnier fuer die Gunst der Prinzessin,ein Hafen fuer Schiffe und Warenkonter, eine Magiergilde mit einem dunklen Geheimnis( das verbotene Viertel), Kirchen fuer die ganzen unterschiedlichen Religionen,die Kaserne fuer die Stadtwache, den koeniglichen Palast mit Innenhof und genug Mauern um sich zu verteitigen. Zudem gibt es ein unterirdische Kanalisation.

Diese Map baue ich seit knapp 2 Jahren immmer mal wieder weiter und habe auch noch genug Ideen fuer weiteres Material.

Ich wuerde mich echt ueber ein Feedback freuen und wuensche euch viel Spass mit der Map.
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Wed, Jul 27, 2016 since last update
Welcome to O'Rea.
A main Castle/fortification base with some (automated) farms and villages nearby. Filled with resources or options to increase these. Builds are medieval themed and mostly practical. Used original design Mojang for most of the houses/ builds.

After downloading this world you will start playing in vanilla mode. resources are nearby and the castle is yours. Please be careful, some of the main castle guards are a bit sensitive. (cheats enabled)
Raided the nearest Nether and End fortresses. Explored the generated world mainly in two directions which allows me to generate new terrain nearby in new MC releases. Some banter builds and tryouts. Includes not finished builds/ designs/interiors. explore and find my secrets :)

Started playing on a Australian survival 1.8 server (oceaniccraft). Server busted after a couple of months so I got a server world download and copied all of my vanilla builds in a single player world. Changed Dungeon Count to 99. Take attention when opening this world in the latest snapshot.

I used mcedit and Minecraft creative mode as tools for copying/builds/filters in this world.

I still love playing in vanilla in my world and enjoying all of my builds or creating some new stuff with the upcoming updates.
Got mixed feeling about the shulkerboxes and the Elytra addition (which changed the original world design concept dramatically).

Special credits to youtubers Ilmango, Nimstv, Cubfan135, Etho and Xisumavoid for creating some beautiful designs :) i Implemented quite a few but my redstone work is quite sloppy :(

World contains some castles with automated doors/ portcullis and access to Nether and End
a royal highness
unfinished projects
hidden automated sorting/storage system,
enderpearl dispenser
(automated) pumpkinfarm, wheatfarm, carrotfarm, potatofarm, inkfarms, mushroomfarm, netherwartfarm, beetrootfarm, sugarcanefarm, melonfarm.
small railroad transport system (work in progress)
Court house with prisons
Kings quarters with additional furnished rooms staff and guards
Main hall with piston transformations into Dining hall
religious Mojang worship/ information center's guarding access mobfarm
bulk furnace
enchanting rooms
Hidden enchantments books storage (sneaky buttons)
secret rooms/ passages
access to Hostile Mobsfarms. (enderman, creeper, skeleton, spider, zombie and zombiepigman)
Nether contains platforms for hunting wither skeleton, blaze, magmaslimes and zombiepigman
some villages with villagers.
a shopping district with a trading area
automated brewing stations for potions
some ships with shipping docks/Harbors
hidden treasure with some pranks
a couple of Dutch windmills
the old lighthouse or two
a big Skull (under water)
a icefarm
a treefarm
a chorusfarm
a slimefarm
some meatboxes (cow, sheep, pig and chicken)
wool gather station
banner design station
a Horse training station with speedtest and jumptest
a lot more including banter builds. used a couple of commandblocks for fast travel and did i mention a lot of hidden stuff with secret doors and secret passages.

bugs( the boatlauncher only properly works in 1.8 (one jump would take you to the ocean floor). translocation feature only works in snapshots (creepersorter, rabbitsorter and fast travel).

Have fun exploring my little "getawayfromtherealworld" world and have a great day irl.

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Sun, Jan 10, 2016 since last update
Warning bad english :D

After years working the last time on Seatrek i want to make a new ... better City ... more Deatails ... bigger ... BETTER ^^

So This is the new City Setra

at the Moment ist on ist Alpha state but i will (and this time realy) Update it but not every week or every Month ... i decide it when i think there is enough new to bring on a new Version.

This Version is pretty tiny but i want to upload it ... thats why it's an Alpha

Have Fun :)

-------------VERSION LOG---------------


-60 Wall Street
-Over 10 new Houses
-North Harbor
-2 Parks
-"Global Avenue"
-A few more Details


-The new World Trade Center complex
including One, Two and Three World Trade Center
[[ wtc trailer ]]
-over 10 new houses
-1 secret room
-bigger North park


- 4 new buildings
- over 5 new Shops and Offices
- more Details
- better night light


- over 15 New Houses
- "Chaos" inspired by 56 Leonard Street New York
- a few new Shops and Offices
- a few new Details
- the start of "Brooklyn Bridge" and a new Tower komplex
- a Little bit better night lights


Alpha 1.0 :
World Trade Center :
Alpha 2.0 :
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Thu, Jan 02, 2014 since last update
Ever wanted to play Sonic Adventure 2 in Minecraft? Well wait no more! I'm building MOST of the levels from Sonic Adventure 2 from scratch! (excluding City Escape). As an extra you can play with 3 of your friends through the whole game!

Levels Completed:


City Escape (Completed!)
Wild Canyon (14% Done)
Prison Lane (Haven't Started)
Metal Harbor (Completed!)
Green Forest
Pumpkin Hill
Mission Street (11% Done)
Aquatic Mine
Route 101
Hidden Base
Pyramid Cave
Death Chamber
Eternal Engine
Meteor Herd
Crazy Gadget
Final Rush (23% Done)


Iron Gate (19% Done)
Dry Lagoon (Haven't Started)
Sand Ocean (Haven't Started)
Radical Highway (55% Done)
Egg Quarters (3% Done)
Lost Colony
Weapons Bed
Security Hall (Complete!)
White Jungle ( 21% Done)
Route 280
Sky Rail
Mad Space
Cosmic Wall
Final Chase

Last Story:

Cannons Core

PvP Arenas:

1st Tails and Eggman Fight (Haven't Started)
1st Shadow and Sonic Fight (Completed!)
Knuckles and Rouge Fight (Haven't Started)
2nd Tails and Eggman Fight (Completed!)
2nd Sonic and Shadow Fight (Completed!)

Boss Fights:


F-64 Big Foot (63% Done)
King Boom Boo (Haven't Started)
Egg Golem (1% Done)


B-3x Hot Shot
R-1/A Flying Dog
Egg Golem

Final Story:

Additional Details
If you plan to make a video of this map, give credit to villain97 for City Escape and me for the rest. Plus post a link to the video in the comments.
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