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Sun, Jan 04, 2015 since last update
This is my current survival server there is a lot planned for this world and a lot more work to go. If you scroll past all the updates I have important coords and my list of things to come. If there is anything you would like to see or anything you don't like feel free to post a comment. I update this map at least weekly usually more often so keep checking back to what I get done next.

Update (1/24/15)
Finished the slime farm and now doing a few visual updates
Found a double ocean monument
Update (1/22/15)
Started the slime farm
made some updates to the new house and the xp farm

Update (1/19/15)
Spent my morning trying to find an under water temple (mission successful)
Made some house updates with Sea Lanterns
Created a brewing room
Made trash room better looking.

Update (1/18/15)
THE BIG NEWS! I added in a fully AFKable XP/gold farm on the top of The Nether. Its amazing grab the snow balls from the chest turn the lever and go for a ride (you have to hit the trapped zombie pigman at the end with the snowball) I think I got most of it unspawnable but you may wanna keep an eye on it for a little while. Make sure your render distance is 10+ or you wont spawn anything. Any other problems post in the comments.

Did some tweaks on the house I'm much happier with it the old stairs were awful and now I like them much better
Made a storage room in the new house and I've been doing a ton of mining
Found a Blaze spawner
Found A Stronghold
Found another mine shaft
Added command blocks so one person can use the bed and it becomes day

Update (1/15/15)
FINISHED THE HOUSE! Lots of tweaks to be made I'm not completely happy with it but its finished :)
Update (1/14/15)
Started the new house you can see a picture in the new screen shot go through the nether portal on the island house and follow the birch wood planks to check it out. Should be finished tomorrow. Just uploading this map so i can get a better look at the area.

Update (1/12/15)
Made some stuff better looking
I died (while afk) so the next little while will be me enchanting stuff up :/
Still haven't fixed item sorter but I know how to now :)

UPDATE (1/11/15)
Added Auto Furnace in strip mine
Added Iron Farm (Item sorter broken will update when I get it figured out if you fix it post in the comments how!)

UPDATE (1/10/15)
Added underground storage came out beautiful
Enchanting table now has book shelves
Auto cooked chicken farm
The Nether

Update 1/9/15
Better skeleton farm took them down to one hit kills
Now a rail road to skeleton farm
Added enchanting table (no bookshelves as of yet)

UPDATE (1/5/15)
Added in a basic skeleton XP farm will improve in the next update
Basic Potato, wheat and carrot farm.
Found mine shaft

Old House: 317/266
New House location: 550/-350 (On the mountain)
Slime chunk 280, 280
The End portal: 757, 24, -273
Stairs to Stronghold: 827, -319
Blaze spawner 176/40/147
Skeleton Farm: 428,299
Double Ocean Monument: -294, -540
Slime Farm: 261/279

Soon to come:
-Blaze Farm
-The End

Note:Decided against building an auto farm and auto pumpkin and melon farm there is only two of us on the server and it just doesn't feel necessary. If I open this server up to more people I may add them in.
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Thu, Jan 01, 2015 since last update
Link to resource pack. (Edited 06/06/2015)

Best viewed with my resource pack.

This is my 3rd personal world that I started in December 2011. Everything you see is the result of 3+ years time and work devoted to this world. The creations this world offer evolve with the game, as new additions to Minecraft mean new upgrades are possible, and new types of structures can be built. This world is completely vanilla for a reason, so that I'll never have to wait on a mod to update to move forward with my world. So come play, and see what I've created.
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Sun, Jan 05, 2014 since last update
My current single player world. Highlights:
-Multiple auto & semi-auto farms (cobblestone, iron, rainbow sheep, chicken, wheat/potato/carrot, sugarcane, pumkin/melon, etc.)
-Suspension bridge over 250 blocks
-Large Castle (furnished & supplied) & City (over 100x100 w/ 55+ buildings)
-'Burj Minecraftia' 140 block tall skyscraper
-Nether Transport System


'Farm' Area:
> Keep (~25x25) w/ supplies
> Cobblestone generator
> Rainbow sheep farm
> Semi-auto wheat/carrot/potato farm
> Tree farm
> Auto egg farm
> Auto pumkin/melon farm
> Semi-auto sugarcane farm
> Iron Golem Farm
> Pens with pigs and cows
> Underground pen with mooshrooms
> Snow farm (snow golem)
> Suspension Bridge (over 250 blocks long)
Town Area:
> Large Castle (~50x50) includes:
- Nether portal room
- Large storage room
- Automated smelting system
- Decorated areas (bedrooms, living room, etc.) w/ carpet, furniture, etc.
- Throne room
- Large basement excavation to bedrock (in progress)
> 'Burj Minecraftia' skyscraper
- Modeled after the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa)
- 140 blocks tall
- 20 terraces
> Japanese Style Pagado w/ Cherry Tree Garden
> Main town (over 100x100 w/ 55+ buildings & 50+ villagers & 6 Iron Golems) includes:
- Gardens
- City Hall
- Blacksmith
- Church
- Inn
- Farm w/ Barn and Silos
- Mansion
- Apartments
- Houses
- Restaurant
- Shops
- Magic Shop
- Public Bath
- Minecart Station
Other Areas:
> Nether transport system connecting all areas
> Far North area includes mushroom island and jungle
> Houses/Bases near 2 of the 3 strongholds
> Mine system under Farm and Town Areas
> Igloo in NW Tundra
> Swamp House
> Upgraded NPC Village

*****Many Building Designs Credited to ColtCoyote*****
Check out his stuff: http://coltcoyote.deviantart.com/
241 downloads 2 comments
Thu, Dec 24, 2015 since last update
This is my current survival server there is a lot planned for this world and a lot more work to go. If you scroll past all the updates I have important coords and my list of things to come. If there is anything you would like to see or anything you don't like feel free to post a comment. I update this map at least weekly usually more often so keep checking back to what I get done next.

UPDATE (12/26/15)
Did some massive work in the Nether. Going to finish up in there then start the Gold/xp Pigman farm. I need some inspo for the Ice Castle not sure what to do with is at this point but I will be getting to it soon.

UPDATE (12/23/15)
Just did the first upload of this map I wasnt sure if I was but why not. There was other people that were helping me with this but they are no longer playing Minecraft :(

Old House: -226/-285
New House location: go through the nether portal follow signs
Pirate Ship: -431,-299
The End portal:
Stairs to Stronghold:
Blaze spawner: -61/117
Skeleton Farm:-213/-349
Slime Farm: The slimes come out in a chest in the strip mine under spawn
Strip Mine: -233/-275
The paths in the nether portal will lead you to: Ice Spike Biome, The end, underwater temple and desert and savanah.

Soon to come:
-Blaze Farm
-The End
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Fri, Aug 22, 2014 since last update
The world that our server has now started, we started out with Snapshot 14w28b, and then updated it to the 14w30c snapshot to include some of the new things, mainly for performance, as well as banners, then bumped it up to the 1.8-pre3 pre-release snapshot, and now are running it on the 1.8.1 official release. Those who have contributed to this server include myself (JimmyUltima), GSKev, and TheDrewMan2

We spent a long time using Admist to find a seed that fit the needs of everyone, that included a nearby Mesa, and a decent sized island. The world spawn was changed to be on the island at 0,0, and we all went from there.

Currently, there are 4 Main Areas on the Island
JimmyUltima's Super Base - includes 7 Floor Wheat, Potato, Carrot, Cow Farms, Sugar Cane Farm, Poppy (Iron) Farm, Log House, Village, and Blue Beacon
GSKev's Market District - includes Chicken Farm, Wool Farm, Charcoal Farm, Fishing Shack, Modern Home, Potions Lab, Library, Starting Base, and Grey Beacon
TheDrewMan2's Watch Tower - includes Watch Tower Home, Multi Level Slime Farm, and Green Beacon
Spillman88's Underwater Base - includes Underwater Base, and Small Horse Stable

There are also 2 Main Areas off of the Island
The End Base - includes The End Portal and Stronghold, The End Fortress, and anything built in The End, including the Ender Ender
The Snow Fort - includes The Igloo, and Ice Farm

All of the areas are eventually going to be connected by the GRLHS (Get Real Lost Highway System). As of now, it connects JimmyUltima's Super Base, GSKev's Market District, TheDrewMan2's Watch Tower, and Spillman88's Base, but it will expand from there to circle the full island. Construction for a Boat Travel System to The End Base is also being planned

Completed Projects
Starting Base - Built by JimmyUltima, GSKev, TheDrewMan2, & Spillman88
GSKev's Market District - Char Mill Charcoal Farm - Built by GSKev
GSKev's Market District - Kentucky Fried Chicken Coop of Doom Chicken Farm - Built by GSKev
GSKev's Market District - Wool Machine Wool Farm - Built by GSKev
GSKev's Market District - Indoor Fish Shack - Built by GSKev
GSKev's Market District - Modern Home - Built by GSKev
GSKev's Market District - Potions's Lab Brewing Station - Built by GSKev
JimmyUltima's Super Base - Log Home - Built by JimmyUltima
JimmyUltima's Super Base - Villager Trading Post - Built by JimmyUltima
JimmyUltima's Super Base - Iron (Poppy) Golem Farm - Built by JimmyUltima
JimmyUltima's Super Base - The Archology Wheat, Potato, Carrot and Cow Farm - Built by JimmyUltima
JimmyUltima's Super Base - Stone Generator - Built by JimmyUltima
TheDrewMan2's Watch Tower - Watch Tower - Built by TheDrewMan2 & JimmyUltima
The End Base - The End Fortress Base of Operations - Built by TheDrewMan2 & JimmyUltima
The Snow Fort - Ice Farm - Built by JimmyUltima
The Snow Fort - Igloo Shelter - Built by JimmyUltima

In Development Projects
GSKev's Market District - The Library
Spillman88's Base
TheDrewMan2's Watch Tower - Slime Farm

Upcoming Projects
The End Base - Ender Ender Expansion
The Snow Fort - Snow Fortress Base of Operations
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Sat, Nov 02, 2013 since last update
This is my survival world that I have played on since 1.2(not 1.2 beta). I have now put this world up for download so you can enjoy!
48 downloads 0 comments
Sun, Aug 02, 2015 since last update
This is the world from my YouTube Let's Play series, JimmyUltima Plays Minecraft. Here, I started a new Vanilla world in 1.8.1 and went on to do some fun builds and adventuring. The world download is up to date a little past Episode 50 using version 1.8.5, which was a Grand Tour of what I have accomplished to that point.

Within the Base, it is broken up into several sectors, each containing a variety of different builds, as well as a Nether Hub and things outside of the Cave.

Currently, there are 5 Main Areas within the Cave Base.
Original Base - Where everything began when we first found the cave system, with the floor made of Birch planks.
Expanded Base - The first place we expanded into, with the floor made of Dark Oak planks.
The Mines - Smallest portion of the base, but has access to a good mine, with some of the floor made of Acacia planks.
Lake Zone - Perfectly place underneath our lake, we continued to expand over there, with the floor made of Oak planks.
Sky Base - With the intentions of building in the sky, the base has begun, with the floor made of Spruce planks.

There are also 4 areas out of the cave that are used frequent
Snow Fortress - A place that is cold and everything, perfect for the gathering of Ice and Snow.
End Base - A place that connects the our Nether Hub to the End, including The End itself.
Desert Outpost - Our first and primary option of Sand Gathering.
The Nether - The Dome has fallen on us to keep us safe, except we can escape it easier, but still be safe.

Completed Projects
Original Base - Adjustable Enchanting Room
Original Base - Chicken Farm
Original Base - Nether Wart Farm
Original Base - Automatic Brewing Station
Original Base - Wheat Farm
Original Base - Wall of Shame
Original Base - Slime Farm
Original Base - Villager Farm
Original Base - Villager Transport System (VTS)
Original Base - Villager Highway System Entrance (VHS)
Expanded Base - Cow Sanctuary
Expanded Base - Cocoa Bean Farm
Expanded Base - Vine Farm
Expanded Base - Pumpkin Farm
Expanded Base - Melon Farm
Expanded Base - Hall of Music
Expanded Base - Complete the Monument
The Mines - Slime Elevator
Lake Zone - Automatic Fishing
Lake Zone - Iron Farm
Lake Zone - Cactus Farm
Lake Zone - Sugar Cane Farm
Lake Zone - Zombie Farm
Sky Base - Entrance
Snow Fortress - Ice Farm
Snow Fortress - Small Snow Farm
The Nether - The Dome
The Nether - Pigman, Ghast, Magma Cube Farm
The Nether - Blaze Farm

In Progress Projects
The Mines - The Library
Snow Fortress - Snow Fortress
End Base - Ender Ender

Upcoming Projects
End Base - The Day Before the End Room
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Sat, Apr 05, 2014 since last update
You can find in this world a stone generator and iron farms 2.
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