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Tagged legend of zelda

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Tue, Feb 26, 2013 since last update
I love the Zelda games so I have created this influenced die hard fan map
including a few nerdy Zelda items.

The quest is simple!
Guide the hero of courage through the temple finding the small keys and boss key to unlock the legendary hero weapons.
Can you conquer this quest before Ganon destroys all of Hyrule??
I hope you enjoy my map. /__\
Benjiii66 /\ /\
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Mon, Apr 23, 2012 since last update
Wip of me and my friends upcoming map.

Finished 5/23/12:
Hyrule Castle
LonLon Ranch
Jungle Dungeon

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Sun, Mar 08, 2015 since last update
Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Based Adventure Map: The Destruction of Evil!
You are the chosen one who was chosen to save the world from the evil Herbring (that is spelled right; he is different than "Herobrine").
This story is a continuation to a previous adventure map I have made but have not posted.

Fun and challenging puzzles!
45-60 minutes of exciting Legend of Zelda based adventure!
A good amount of combat!

Please comment if you have any problems with the map or questions about it. Feel free to do so!

More bugs have been fixed.
The spawnpoints have been fixed.

Have Fun!
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Mon, Aug 25, 2014 since last update
Welcome to project Termina!

This map's current minecraft version is 1.7.9! do not use any older version of minecraft! and if you want the original post follow this link!

we are trying to rebuild as much of The legend of zelda majora's mask as we possibly can. we will be regularly updating this map with new areas and locations. We are also trying to implement as much of the map features as possible! Please note that the texture pack is no longer included in the map download as this is not our creation. if you want to download the texture pack you can click the link down below that says: Click here to download the texture pack!

Please note that this is a secondary post! this one will not be updated as much as the main one wich you can find by clicking on this text!

â–º People who build this map:


To do list:
â–ºAdd Termina field
â–ºFinish clock town
â–ºBuild the swamp area 65% done!
â–ºBuild Deku Palace
â–ºMake the swamp temple
â–ºDo some detailwork around clock town
â–ºmake ikana valley
â–ºmake ikana castle
â–ºmake stone tower
â–ºmake the northern mountains
â–ºmake goron village
â–ºmake snowhead temple
â–ºmake great bay
â–ºmake water temple
â–ºmake zora's domain
â–ºmake The Moon's surface
â–ºfinish additional details
Final release!
If you think the current map trailer sucks you can make you own trailer and message me about it! maybe we will use it in the next update! ;)

Please stay tuned for more updates! as we are still working on the map! If you want to receive a message when there is a new update out please leave a diamond and it will be done! You can of course also subscribe and receive updates in your news feed!
if you have any suggestions please comment down below also check out our youtube channels for video's.
if you want to know what areas are accesible you can look at the update logs!

the flaming bro
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Sat, Jun 15, 2013 since last update
I Want YOU For a Reserch...
Go And Research The Iron building.
Dont Fail and fall into lava... (you have to DO jump in lava at start...)
its in alpha V1
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Fri, Mar 09, 2018 since last update
This is my attempt to make an 8k map made for multiplayer or singleplayer.

It is based of of Japan's most northern island Hokkaido. Thats why you will see those style buildings.

there is custom terrain, trees, houses, shrines and dungeons

Over 10 Biomes!

100% Survival Friendly!!!

Download! -->

I recommend cocricot resourcepack --> Cocricot

Thank You!
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