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Did you find the Easter egg? It'ssssssss cool!

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Wed, Oct 10, 2012 since last update
*Works with Minecraft 1.9*
In Anamnesis, two separate adventures start you out in Waltersville, a town with a combination of modern and medieval features. The town is ruled by King Walter, whose imposing castle is a constant reminder of his rule. You awake in the town hospital, unable to recall who you are or how you arrived here. The doctor tells you that you were found near death on the outskirts of town. He doesn't know who you are, only that you now owe him a great deal of money. Unable to pay him, you have to promise to scrounge up some money to even be allowed to leave the hospital. Whether or not you pay him back determines your adventure. Either way, you'll find out some deeply hidden secrets that the King would like to keep hidden. In order to finish your journey, you will experience mazes, combat, jumping puzzles, treasure hunting, and complete-the-monument challenges. This map can be played with 1-4 players. This map works on 1.9.

Rules: No breaking blocks, unless instructed to. Gold blocks indicate locations for levers or pressure plates. Once correctly placed, a plate or lever cannot be removed. Crafting of food, weapons, armor, and tools is allowed. Contents in chests can be used, unless a book or sign reads otherwise. The map is to be played on normal. Open to Lan for local multiplayer. Otherwise, multiplayer Server settings should be set to "difficulty=0" ; "pvp=false" ; and "enable-command-block=true". Enjoy the map!
Make sure command blocks are enabled.

Important Tip: You should sleep often to track your progress.

Big Update Everyone!
James_Meier and Benjamin_Alpha (the map makers) have created a Let's Play of this map to help people who get stuck. The fast paced videos are meant to show how to complete the storyline smoothly. There are also a few tips here and there about where to find supplies and emeralds, though not all secrets are revealed. A playlist has been created for each side of the adventure.

Let's Play Pay Debt Side by James_Meier and Benjamin_Alpha

Let's Play Tavern Side by James_Meier and Benjamin_Alpha

Watch KPPride90's Let's Play of the Tavern Story Here:

Tavern Story Let's Play by CthulhuToo
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Fri, Apr 10, 2015 since last update
The New Updated version,Read description Important!!!
More Awsomeness,More Fun.More Scary!
This Is a Custom Map,Use Fnaf Texturepack
Use this Mods:
BiblioCraft 1.7.10(Recommended
Cheese Craft 1.7.10
Carpenter's Blocks 1.7.10
Computer Craft 1.7.10
Kitchen mod 1.7.10(Recommended)

If its laggy Use FPS plus mod!
And if you see Easter Eggs Tell me at the comments
there's some easter egg on the Picture
there is easter egg on the map it's really cool
Hope you enjoy
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Tue, Sep 09, 2014 since last update
Rescue your village before the dark underlord Gorea destroys it.You have to find many secrets things, solve many mysteries and fight against many Zombies spiders and ohter nasty creatures to master the castle. At last you" ll fight against Gorea but can you beat him...

+++++++ UPDATE 21.8.2015 +++++++++
Optical improvments
Gameplay improvments

+++++++ UPDATE 20.8.2015 +++++++++

- Trainstation challange
- The sanctuary
- gamplay improvments
- optical improvments

+++++++ UPDATE 28.5.2015 +++++++++

A brand new trailer is now online on youtube WATCH IT NOW!


+++++++ UPDATE 3.5.2015 +++++++++

it´s been a long time since the last update but now is the time upcomming to master the castle again with optical and gameplay performace Improvments i hope you enjoy it please leave me a comment when you like this map

++++ UPDATE 15.1.2015 ++++
You have to discover new places like the forgotten cave or the The mountain of the golden God to build the pyramid in the Castle

+++++++ UPDATE 6.1.2015 +++++++++
New Mysteries, checkpoint system a brand new market where you can trade, it´s a bit harder optical improvments and optimized gameplay

Playing time: is now about 4 hours

you have to play my map with Minecraft 1.8.1

please give me a statement what i should improve on my map

Tekkish 2.8M
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Sun, Nov 04, 2012 since last update
[updated nov. 5, 2012]
Missive B: This is Tekkish, my old country manor! Or... at least it WAS until I moved away. Now, the land is mostly flat, and only a few remnants of my past mansion are scattered about the grounds. If you see a tower, there is a secret underneath. These towers are "X" shaped, and should stand after the "procedure" is complete.

1862: I've finished the foundation of my fantastic new home. This entire boomerang shaped plot of land will be the new beginnings of Tekkish Manor.

1864: Walking the wall, it seems just yesterday we laid the first bricks. With most of the roofs being hung already, the building looks almost done!

1868: It's all for nothing, now. Cursed, it's every bit of it cursed. I'm moving everything to another plot, but it will all have to be at once. Soon, I'll find out how to teleport the entire manor instantly: a "little bird" is showing me the way...

1890: If this works, Missives A, B, C, and D will be sent out in order starting exactly 122 years from now.

(This map is a work in progress, this is just a taste! Tekkit 3.1.2 required)
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Wed, Jul 03, 2013 since last update
Murlok 3.0 (Por KurafSilva)- Paranagua-PR/BR

Mapa do Reino de Murlok (atualizado em 16/09/2014)

Se aventure na mais nova versao do Reino de Murlok, com mais de 100 criacoes o reino conta com 7 cidades rodeadas pela incrivel muralha .
Venha conhecer incriveis maquinas com Redstone,e muito mais.
Entre as criacoes estao :
+ de 50 edificios:
- Estadio de futebol ( 200 x 120 )
- Coliseu
- 3 Shoppings
- 3 torres de observacao
- Diversas Pontes
Entre outros
+ de 20 criacoes
- Tela Pistomatica (6 x 6) ( numeros de 0 a 9 automatico)
- Placa de memoria
- Conexao via cabos (temporizada 16,4 s /byte)
- iluminacao por sensor de presenca
- sistema de transporte com 2 linhas de trem/metro e 1 de barco

Faca ja o download desse incrivel mapa.

Alem de Murlok agora tambem existe PortLand, o maior porto do mapa, com o terminal de containers e o grande cais. E tambem TerraCota o novo continente! com o maior predio do minecraft sendo construido!

- Baixe o arquivo .zip
- Descompacte
- Substitua a pasta world no seu minecraft pela pasta world do arquivo.
- agora e so jogar.
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Wed, Apr 13, 2011 since last update
its incomplete but have fun. It going to be a mystery. there's a pet wolf to but it doesn't respond to you at all which is sad. the rail system is not done so sorry about the holes

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Thu, Oct 10, 2013 since last update
The mysterious town is a puzzle map where you try to find some secret and lost places and treasures.

The texurepack is in the map.

Map: www. dl.dropboxusercontent.com/shz/otm7avfsfsod2j0/_3oKbLiZFj/The%20mysterious%20 Town?token_hash=AAFypakqpAqGvgF2P1D2St82jsq7tPxbdR54ybMq0fikQ&top_level_offset=27

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Wed, Mar 05, 2014 since last update
Hi, Modden here bringing you my first ever adventure map. it's called Haunted Castle.

built on xbox, just a few details added on pc.

use this Texture pack: Ozocraft http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/ozos-texture-pack/

read information below



-DON'T BRAKE ANYTHING! it ruins the game
-SURVIVAL of course

For increased experience follow these steps.

-moody brightness, for best experience

-listen to this song, for best experience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLpQ_EPWtT0

the most of these rules and notes will also be in spawn.

when you have played the map please give some feed back.

also I'm working on a prequel for this map which should include som more backround to this map and maybe I should make a sequel to tie it up.

I can't come up with a way to cheat but if you do please don't because it justs ruins the experience :)


Deep inside a mountain, a king built a castle to protect his people from the evil army. in the castle you could hear laughter. everybody lived a happy and long life. but nothing lasts for ever. the king died and evil were upon the castle. the guards were cursed by the evil masters mind. they built a dungeon to keep the most of the people. they controlled everything. the only way out of the castle was blocked by 7 iron doors each with a separate lock mechanism spread out throughout the castle. you were locked in in a speciall room.

after you waked up from a bad dream you you didn't hear anything but your own breath. it was silent in the castle. you felt that something was wrong. you looked through the iron bars on the door and noticed that no guards were left. what is going? you thought. now you must find out what has been going on and find yourself a way out of the castle. also collect valuebles to get a higher score.

please enjoy!

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