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Thu, Nov 28, 2013 since last update
I'm back with another attemmpt at making a world for my friends and I. I started this project this past March but got very bored very quickly. I really just don't have the patience for building more than a house for myself, and I honestly have no talent in building commercial type buildings. Again, my pride is in the NPCs and their dialogue. I really enjoy screwing around with the NPCs mod. I hope you'll enjoy the NPCs as much as I do :)

By the way, the render shows the ugliest side of this map. You're looking at everything from the back, everything except for the crappiest part of this map; the inn. The buildings on the other side look SO much better.

This world is in Creative mode.

If you want to play this world to it's fullest, NPCs and all, you'll need these mods at their latest versions (Which currently all are 1.6.4)

Custom NPCs mod:

You don't like this world? That's okay, don't play it. I made this world for me, my friends, and anyone else who cares enough to play around in it. I'm tired of working on it but again I don't want to delete everything I did do.
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Tue, Dec 30, 2014 since last update
This is the Kingdom of Borg. This started off as a survival map, and I built most of the front right structure in survival mode. I then decided the castle wasn't big enough so I entered creative mode, and mirrored that structure by hand, and added a long wall down one side. Then I discovered world edit tools, so I used those to create the walls and main structure of the main castle. Everything was then edited and decorated by hand in creative mode. I had installed a mod that added NPC's with dialogue and quests, and I was going to use this world as an adventure map for my step-daughter. Unfortunately I lost all of that data because I failed to backup my saves, and now I no longer have time to finish it. There are many areas that are unfinished in this world, but I would say it's 80% complete. If you wish to complete this and turn it into an adventure, feel free to do so and please give me credit for the original work.
This world features a large expansive castle and village near the ocean, home of King Borg. There is a lighthouse off the coast and an unfinished underwater laboratory. To the left of the castle is a mining operation with powered rails (unfinished). Follow the road to the right of the castle and you'll be led to a small desert village. Straight behind the castle, past the swamp and the forest, is an Orc fortress built into a volcano. The lava used to flow out the side but it stopped somehow. A lot of time went into this world, so please download and explore!
My idea for the adventure was that you were invited by King Borg to visit his kingdom because you were old friends. You arrive by boat, and as you explore the village there would be various NPC's with quests to help you get gear. Visiting the King, he would inform you that his treasury was broken into, and something important stolen. You investigate the treasury and find clues that lead you to the Orc stronghold. You fight the orcs and solve puzzles, until you reach a final boss that must be defeated to retrieve the stolen item.
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Wed, Jul 16, 2014 since last update
Welcome to Atlatco City. There will be lots of updates to come. Tell me what you think.

Built by DtheD and help from preston445

I would like to know your opinion on whether or not buildings should be furnished. let me know in the comments.

in the city there is currently
10 skyscrapers
corporate plaza (water feature)
4 buildings
1 inverted skyscraper
subway station
Ferris wheel
Willis Tower
Tram station
and lots more to come
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Thu, Jun 13, 2013 since last update
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Sat, May 16, 2015 since last update
***Work in progress***
Was my first attempt at an arena but i got sidetracked with my Xavier Institute. Both this and the Xavier Institute are on hold for a more interesting survival build project. I may revisit both but no plans as of yet. I had plans for 3 arenas possibly 4 scattered in the map.
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Wed, May 23, 2012 since last update
Just a single player world I have been working on. Hope you enjoy it
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Tue, Jan 31, 2017 since last update
just the map at the moment.

Going to be a large town or small city with some rural areas.

You can download it if you want. Please put credit to me if you create something with this.


v1.0 - Inital [january 2017]
v2.0 - More varied topography on 2 of the islands (mountains :D) started work on 2 small islands (March 14 2017)
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Fri, Jan 11, 2013 since last update
This Is my MineZ map download it is not fully finished but The download link will be posted here ------------->
I will be posting updates to this map if it is requested so please tell me if you want me to get more

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