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Tagged survivor map

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Mon, Sep 09, 2013 since last update
-Play on normal or hard difficulty.
-Play on Survival or Hardcore mode.
    Build a home/ shelter
    Light up the place
    Find the dispenser
    Find every diamond
    Build a redstone contraption
    Kill one of each on hard difficulty- spider, zombie, skeleton,creeper, enderman. </ul>

    BACK STORY: You live in a world where instead of going to jail for committing crimes, you are imprisoned in an unbreakable cube that you must spend the rest of your life in. You want nothing but to escape.

    (if you use this map in a Let's Play, please leave a link in the description. Thank you.)
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    Tue, Jan 15, 2013 since last update
    Hey This is quite short horror/survival map, It's designed to be played on hard or medium. at start of the game type "/gamemode 0" . Please give me positive or negative feedback. I will complete the story if i get enought feedback =)! After you start game use command /gamemode 0
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    Sat, Nov 15, 2014 since last update
    Survivor is an island in the middle of no where. You can travel to other islands to gather resources. Do all of the missions in order to win the game.

    Join in and see if you can do this challenge on your own or with a friend. Good Luck!

    Other information is noted in map. Please play the game and follow the rules. Thank you

    - Lexie
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    Sat, Oct 25, 2014 since last update
    Has one small pyramid and one big one with somthing at the top
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    Mon, Feb 02, 2015 since last update
    A game to play with 2 or more people gets people excited. You are trying to go the the top of the tower and stay there but the other people will punch you down. You have to try and stay up there longest. If you fall just come back and climb the tower. My youtube name is Tediopia Gaming so please subscribe my channel and thanks for downloading my map.
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    Fri, Dec 09, 2011 since last update
    This a world I made. The save file has you sitting at about 5000 meters North(Rei's minimap or RM) or East(Minecraft default orientation or MDO) from 0,0.

    Feel free to run the estimated south 4.5 kilometers to get to the first Castle I ever built with a massive dungeon/mine underneath. There's a bridge that will run East(RM) or South(MDO) about 600 meters to a small town I've started building. There's also a train track that runs along the length of the bridge to easily connect the two towns.. There's a number of small mines and shelters littered about.

    All that has been built in this map was done without an inventory editor as I like the challenge of collecting your resources needed to build.

    This map was also created before 1.8 so there is only one village that I have found and no Fortresses to be had.
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    Fri, Jan 09, 2015 since last update
    Download and coment for more buildings.
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    Fri, Apr 04, 2014 since last update
    this map is created by me ... sorry for the picture because I minecraft goes bad
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    Not to bad chief...
    Just Coke 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    If you have any questions about this game, bugs that you'd like to report, or suggestions for future minigames, please feel free to email me at [email protected] . Thank you for playing Cree...
    An Aviansie 1 month, 1 day ago
    Do you mind if I convert it to Education Edition, add NPCs and a few other learning items and post it to the MEE website? I will credit you as the author and give the original website that I adapted t...
    bespield 1 month, 4 days ago
    any one know of any free to use map editers that alows u to edit thge game map like mc edit use to that dosent require learning commandprompt to use? iv got nasty chunck errors i need to fix and remov...
    lord_molagbal 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    At first in this world, I didn't want to use clay. Later on I started using it. I now have build a little with red bricks :) Very nice. But stone bricks (grey) I used a lot and it's a very nice materi...
    RoBoRe 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    Very good world I hope u will not have any problem if i use it for my server...
    hyperkiller7 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    Skywraith51 2 months, 3 weeks ago
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    I maked a FNAF minecraft map! Cool i think....  :D...
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