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Sun, Dec 02, 2012 since last update
This is the BETA map that I am creating. I plan for it to be eventually a huge PVP map. This is all hand built without any mods to ensure that I pay special attention to detail via hand crafted structures. Regular weekly to bi-weekly updates are expected.

I encourage anyone to use this map and test it for PVP reasons or otherwise. Please leave comments and let me know what I can do to make it better. I do not use redstone devices but you are welcome to of course modify the map to how you like. I am providing you with the free use of this map, just please be sure to give credit to me if you make a successful server using my map.


NOTE: This is inside a .RAR. If you need WinRAR, download it here:
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Tue, Mar 04, 2014 since last update
Planet survival:

A survival world where are allot of planets, and if you follow the rules this survival is going to be hard and fun!
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Sun, Nov 04, 2012 since last update
this is all made by me.
-more signs
this is for my friend antman855 i am building a server for him but you can download to checkout. I am hoping he gives me some payment. OR ELSE!
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Mon, Aug 12, 2013 since last update
Wild West City map that 74Craft made! It's Awesome!
war 248K
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Mon, Feb 18, 2013 since last update
this is a very basic map showing a world war 2 carrier blowing up an island
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Sat, Mar 16, 2013 since last update
This parkour is funny and difficult. Its a lot of checkpoints and some hidden room - Can you find all? You can play singleplayer and multiplayer.
Difficult: 7/10
Trailer here:
No commands/cheat except /tp {player] and /time set
Play on peaceful and adventure.
Not destroy or place any block
Please follow the rules, and have fun!Share this map and tell it to your friends :D

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Tue, Oct 29, 2013 since last update
My first Map!

A cool world we decided to make! Download it!
If you want to give us some feed back, please leave a comment
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Sun, Nov 25, 2012 since last update
Pick of eight classes and take over the End. After already killing the Ender Dragon the human race is colonizing in The End. First you must slay any mob that gets in your way. To help you, the humans have made golems.

Pick to be the game master,and summon powerful mobs to destroy the humans.
They are invading your home and you must stop them.
Recent Comments
At first in this world, I didn't want to use clay. Later on I started using it. I now have build a little with red bricks :) Very nice! But stone bricks (grey) I used a lot and it's a very nice materi...
RoBoRe 2 weeks, 1 day ago
So cool!...
44roads 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Gracias lo pondre en mi servidor...
babyron 4 weeks, 3 hours ago
Sirve para ponerlo en un servidor?????...
babyron 4 weeks, 3 hours ago
Kevin's old Minecraft series from 2011 has unfortunately been made private, along with all of the other videos from his old channel. I've searched literally everywhere online for an archive of this se...
Rhondson 1 month, 2 days ago
It still shows up with a rar file for me, and i really want to download it......
Cory 1 month, 6 days ago
is this still available or any way to download it anymore?...
skyhiromoshy 1 month, 1 week ago
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OknaPlastikovieBromy 5 days, 2 hours ago
Basically, when I upload the world and save it, it says probably INCOMPLETE UPLOAD (can't see it properly, it is obstructed by edit icon); see attachment When I look at my maps, it shows all 8 of the...
Micek_52 6 days, 7 hours ago
hi guys! My old map from minecraftworldmap has been revised and is now called IslandShop Version 5 and you find it on Planetminecraft. * What's new? A...
raigoo 1 week, 4 days ago
Hello Admins !  I would like your help to render my map :)  I am putting it in a .rtr files live always. I reuplaoded it once like it's said, but it is still blank and loading (will try again now)....
Djuzzepe34 3 weeks, 12 hours ago
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