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Sun, Mar 15, 2015 since last update
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Sun, May 25, 2014 since last update
Want to play a fun minigame? With unlimited people? This map is for you! Download it now and start playing!
A fun Minecraft Temple Run map with minigames between. Trade with villagers, fight with zombies and win this game!

Hey Minecrafter,

Want a fun game for unlimited players? Go ahead and try this one!

It contains a fun way of temple-run, with upgrades and minigames. After finishing the temple-run, you can play another parcour survival game! Dont read any longer, just download!

You are allowed to make videos for it, but please tell me! I would love to see them too :)

Download: You can download the map easily at the link provided, just click file>download to download the minecraftmap zip. Extract it and lets go!

thank you:)
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Wed, Apr 10, 2013 since last update
YO this is just a small map I did Just 60 min over is but it is fun!!!!
on the signs are the words not good spelled
but I am dutch!
galleon 2.0M
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Sun, Apr 14, 2013 since last update
little world i built in my spare time. add to it if you feel like i.........................................................................................sooooooo..................yahh.............have fun
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Wed, May 07, 2014 since last update
requires 2 - 9 players

fight in the arena to collect gold, use this gold to make your character more powerful and see who has the strongest build

Inspired by Warcraft 3 warlocks game mod

allows players to customize the options

Currently in a beta version (has very few bugs)
selling spells currently inactive
reset feature installed
147 downloads 6 comments
Wed, Feb 05, 2014 since last update
This Map Got NOTHING have potato
Well Now I made A (hand built) Spleef Arena in Sky
Its Got Trophyes And more Go Ahead And Download This AWESOME SPLEEF MAP
But i dont know how i make the floor regenerate sorry you have to reinstall it again....again again again again agian agian :D
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Sat, Apr 19, 2014 since last update
Sphere survival!!
Can you survive in a sphere of glass?
Only 1 rule, dont break the sphere!
Ofcourse there are quests/challenges! -OH? What are they?!-
You can see the quests and challenges in the mighty book in the chest :D
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Tue, Jan 01, 2013 since last update
Have you ever wondered how a TNT cannon works in Minecraft? Here, you can see how a simple cannon works and how it can be applied usefully. Take mining for example. If you are tired of spending a whole lot of time hitting stone with a stick, why not just blow it up? You get the same amount of items, it takes less time, and you get to enjoy the feeling of blowing crap up!

In this world, you will start with tons of TNT. You can then place it where it is indicated by the markers. If you wish to see the wreckage of the TNT explosion, just walk along the glass path to view if you struck diamonds! But how do you get the diamonds? Simple! You just teleport where it is indicated by the pressure plate and start mining.

Enjoy this map and maybe you can create a cannon of your own!
Recent Comments
Incredible for a survival world, I'm speechles...
dani3l 2 hours, 21 minutes ago
This is amazing actually......
dani3l 17 hours, 52 minutes ago
Crazy map...
dani3l 17 hours, 55 minutes ago
woaw !!! mais un conseil, faite une zone safety car j'y ai été, après quelque nuit y a plein de mob partout...
creeper24_Youtuber 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Please fix file so we can download it again....
thornwolf 3 weeks, 6 days ago
Hey just wondering if you have the coordinates for each of the areas? like fire nation area, earth area, water area, ect?...
BorderlineBard 1 month, 1 week ago
How do I download this world?...
SuperBeastMiney 1 month, 1 week ago
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