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Tagged architecture

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Mon, Dec 08, 2014 since last update
I made some redstone contraptions and i also assembled some that mr.crayfish posted and there is a massive tnt cannon i didnt make but other than that i hope you enjoy.
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Tue, Feb 12, 2013 since last update
nothing like an old village, the main purpose is to basically to expand this starter map, this was made for beginners who dont know what to build
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Wed, Aug 12, 2015 since last update
Herein can be found a plethora of diverse settlements abounding in every corner of the world and connected by the Grand Trunk Road. The North has been settled longest, and as such has different patterns of settlement to the more recently colonized South. The largest settlement is Novo Britenlandia at -50,-5000.

Each block is lovingly hand placed. There are no mods here. We believe no copy, no paste building. Inspired by an engineering degree and an interest in sustainable architecture the world is both unique and original.

Also the only world with an organic, gmo free, vegan, and sustainable description lol.

Pour service en Francais juste me demandez.
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Fri, Mar 27, 2015 since last update
Did you ever dreamed about living in a huge house on top of the world? Well now you can! ... in minecraft
This is a private island, on which was built a penthouse with a helipad, pool, private harboor and so on. For now, only a small part of the island is finished and therfore I'll continue to update the map for you to get everything I build

As always, I'm opened to every critics and comments and I only hope you'll appreciate the work I'm doing.

Planned changes:
-Private beach
-Full decoration of the inside
-Gests house
-Beach House

Thanks for reading
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Tue, Nov 04, 2014 since last update
its just a simple modern house nothing special ,story behind is that there used to be a village of brick houses then some crazed mad man released 500 withers the villagers decided to blow up the place many sacrificed themselves for nothing because withers didnt die from that but they somehow killed them one by one they spared and the last wither was in captivity the galaxy was at peace in the city the survivors made annnnnd it got destroyed agaaain and so a damn mansion was made so no dumba## will spawn a wither (not me) and the end i told you nothing special
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Thu, Nov 08, 2012 since last update
A cutout of the original Tunar Manor map
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Sun, Feb 05, 2012 since last update
This is my helicopter base in the works, its basically a mountain atm, it will soon be bigger, if you get on the world (download it.) dont go in hte mine, lol.. its a pain.. i have mostly been working on hte exterior, but unless you have the THX helicopter mod, and some others its possible that it wont work.
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Sun, Feb 24, 2013 since last update
Well i was looking through some old projects and i found this unfinished castle. It was meant to be an adventure/puzzle/survival castle game where the player has to reveal the secret of the castle in order to finish the game.
If you somehow get lost, the castle is at x350 z330
If you want to continue developing this project, leave my name somewhere in the credits section :) and beware of the redstone wires. There are some quite delicate systems so i suggest you dont dig inside the castle, if you have to, use xray in order not to damage the redstone. In order for you to fully understand the castle, visit my youtube channel YamiCodenamed (you dont have to if you hate spoilers :))



    - Added lightning to the back of the castle
    - Made a simple hallway to "Undercity"
    - Connected Undercity Hallway with Sewers and SE Tower
    - The main gate will now lock if any of the mob spawning conditions were made (night, rain, thunder, fog)
    - Made some changes in the wiring in the Beacon Control room </ul>


      - Furnished the second living quarters, total rooms now : 8
      - Undercity: Added a bridge breaking trap
      - Undercity: Added a puzzle to fix the broken bridge, its not wired yet
      - Minor changes to the systems
      - Players can now access undercity directly with a pit, the real entrance isnt done yet </ul>
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