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Tagged mob trap

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Mon, Jun 20, 2011 since last update
This was my 3rd world. Discontinued because of the terrain generator changes.
There are a few buildings and stuff around spawn. Lots of mined resources near the big tower.

2011.09.09: went for redwood, came back, rooftop art finished
2011.09.08: finished grassing the roof with some art
2011.09.04: after running to the original spawn
2011.09.02: after the 1st (failed) attempt to run to the original spawn
2011.08.28: 4 towers, gate to Nether
2011.08.26: underground slime spawner of 4 chunks
2011.08.18: the new base is more like a castle with a great entrance
2011.08.13: started building a new floating base at (-10991, 74, 3099)
2011.08.10: new cave house at (-3858, 72, 359)
2011.08.05: started exploring
... (detailed historical data was lost in a lava pit)
2011.04.29: start of the map (no mod, no cheat)
Onload 29M
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Sun, Apr 17, 2011 since last update
Features a tiny portion of desert terraformed, and a building with refined stone block in construction.
In fact, I want to know what cave system is like in my world.

Now connected to the Nether, the main gate is in the basement of the tall building, the other side is in a safe hallway. Additional 2 gates are connected.

Quarry reaches the layer 7. Starting strip mining.

Item collection trap is set.

Currently, I'm playing in the other world that requires a certain mod. I'll be back when 1.6 is released.
Weazle 28M
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Fri, Apr 29, 2011 since last update
My first World of the new spawn engine, first base is by the lake near the mountain, Second main base is in the mountain near the spawn point, under the mountain base is a giant hand crafted cave, small mob grinder down in the cave.
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Thu, Jun 12, 2014 since last update
Enderman farm design model. Has automatic enderpearl collection. Automatic enderpearl disposal when chests fill up. Sorts out items that are not enderpearls and puts them into another chest in case you accidentally throw your sharpness V diamond sword when punching the endermen. On/Off switch. Maintenance access ladder in case something needs changing, although its pretty perfect the way it is. Uses fences to stop spawning on roof so no water needed to cover the farm at the top. One hit kill. Lots of storage space.

Load the world up and follow the signs to the farm.
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Mon, Feb 23, 2015 since last update
I started this world back in the Beta days in 2011 and kept updating it with new contraptions throughout the time. First I did only play in survival and made a few projects there. The castle walls, the first mobtrap and the minecart track leading to my digging site are purele legit ;) After that I started spawning in Blocks and subsequently got more lazy when bulding stuff. I started using creative mode and even used mcedit for some stuff(Cave Lighting, Witch-, Guardian-, Sugarcane- and Slime-Farm(digging out the area above), Slime-Block-Elevator by JL2579 as well as the longer Nether tunnels). So most of the other stuff is not pureley legit but still took a while placing all those blocks ;)

For all the Designs i have to credit JL2579 and the Zipkrowd-Crew, Docm77,MumboJumbo,Minecraftwithdummies,Etho,IOser100 and all the others I forgot!

- Big Base Area with space to build your own stuff inside the castle Walls
and the Big Tower
- Item Sorter Storage System inside the Castle with almost every Item
beeing sorted in
- old-school Iron Golem Farm inside the Tower
- old-school Mob Farm at the Castle
- Semi-automatic Sheep-Farm with every color near the base
- Zombie-Pigmen-Farm at the Castle
- Automatic Carrot Farm with villager AI at the base
- semi-automatic Pig- and Cow-Farm
- semi-automatic Tree Farm at the base
- automatic Melon- and Sugarcane-Farm at the base
- automatic Furnace Array at the base
- Slime-Farm near the base connected with minecarts on the overworld
- Netherhub with Minecart connections to various locations:
- Enderman-XP-Farm in the End
- Witch-Farm
- Uncharted lands loaded in 1.8 for new terrain generation
- Guardian-Farm located after the uncharted lands
- Elevators

That should cover most of the stuff I hope you enjoy my world and I would love hear your comments or to see screenshots if you build something in my world because I am not the most creative builder and my castle is pretty emtpy ;)

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Sat, Dec 14, 2013 since last update
Really Nice Adventure Map Download it You Wont Regret It
Its So Awesome Please If You Found ANYTHING Wrong In This Map
Tell Me In A Comment
So I Hope You Like It.....
Cause No Body Played This World Yet But It Will Increes If You Download IT
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Thu, Jun 09, 2011 since last update
Some things I built at work :)

The used texture pack is called DokuCraft.
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Thu, Nov 28, 2013 since last update
Prvni svet
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