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Tagged superflat

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Sat, Jul 20, 2013 since last update
Creative superflat.

Various architectural experiments mostly consisting of exterior walls and water features.
House 414K
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Fri, Dec 28, 2012 since last update
Your very own dream house (at least i hope it is.) i was bored one day so i decided to do a water Superflat, and comminced to make this house. its huge with 2 living rooms, one downstairs and one up, a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, library, bedroom, a secret study (you have to find it) and even an arena with stands. i hope you like it as it took me forever to make. done on creative by myself, no mcedit. recommended however you wish, can have cheats, but dont do suvival unles you want to cheat to get food. its quite fun for you and your freinds. also you may start out under the water, just find the little entrance i made that goes up (its a 2 in 3 chance you do.)
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Wed, Dec 21, 2016 since last update
Istanbul, historically known as Constantinople and Byzantium, is the most populous city in Turkey and the country's economic, cultural, and historic center. Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, straddling the Bosphorus strait (which separates Europe and Asia) between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Its commercial and historical center lies on the European side and about a third of its population lives on the Asian side. The city is the administrative center of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (coterminous with Istanbul Province), both hosting a population of around 14.7 million residents.Istanbul is one of the world's most populous cities and ranks as the world's 7th-largest city proper and the largest European city.
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Sat, Mar 10, 2012 since last update
You have everything to survive, but you need to finish your house, get animals, and don't KILL the Mooshroom.
Villa 559K
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Fri, Dec 20, 2013 since last update
I made a little villa with a pool and stuff. I hope you like it. I made it on superflat but planted trees and stuf. I wish everyone a merry Xmas and a happy newyear.
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Sun, Dec 09, 2012 since last update
Superflat world. Attempting to locate ALL of the villages and then do something epic.
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Sun, Jan 20, 2013 since last update
My version of superflat survival. It has an in-game achievement list. You may use any texture pack you want.
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Mon, Nov 18, 2013 since last update
This is a mushroom shaped building that I made. It has a 'shop' floor (that doesn't look much like a shop) and on top, it has a cafe. It is not very big and not dynamic, because it was made as a static model type building. I hope you enjoy it.
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TheBoi 1 week, 2 days ago
Downloaded this and was so happy! (I am building a house and wanted to be able to build a basement) It seemed to work great at the beginning (I am a little OCD) so I decided to go to 0//0, when I got ...
TimG2o1i 1 week, 4 days ago
I had to dig this out of the internet, i remember using this before and thank you for uploading this, im gonna upload this to server and play with my little bro....
Richard_Starlite 1 month, 5 days ago
Hi, Elcdragon and many other players moved to PlanetMinecraft See here! ...
raigoo 1 month, 2 weeks ago
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