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Tagged desert

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Fri, Dec 23, 2011 since last update

1.Survive, of course!
2.Do NOT leave the map boundaries!(U wont go ANYWHERE,cause if u go VERY EXTREMELY far,You see a GIGANTIC Bedrock wall, so dont waste your time.)
3.No mods allowed.(Dont say the map is too easy if you use mods or cheats or hacks!)

1.Find the Crater of Treats!
2.Find the Crater of Flowing Heat!
3.Find the Crater of Ice and Snow!
4.Make a tree farm.
5.Make a farm.NO smaller than 3x3.
(Hints: 1.Use the Grass dirt you find in the Crater of Treats! 2.Place normal dirt around grass dirt to generate MORE grass dirt. 3.Make AND use a hoe!)
6.Go to the deepest part of the Crater of Epicness!(Nothing special in there.No ore.Sorry for that.I may improve it in future updates)
7.Have Fun!
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Mon, Mar 11, 2013 since last update
This is my first map. I have been working on this for about a month, and this is what I got. Feel free to explore all the aspects of this, and as this is not finished yet, check for updates about once a week. I built a little desert town with some pyramids (just felt like it), and a house, which you can't really call a house. It is pretty big for what I have built, and it is the sort-of main feature of the map. I think I set the spawn inside the ship in the port of the desert town, and in single-player it should work fine. There are some supplies inside of the chest next to the bed you spawn next to, and for more fun, switch to survival or adventure mode before continuing to play. So, this map is incomplete and I will work on it for longer. Please leave comments on what I should put into the map. I need feedback. Thanks.
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Sat, Aug 06, 2011 since last update
Ive been working on this world for a few months. Theres heaps to explore, including towns and massive caves. Try to guess which tower is in the screenshot (hint: its Australian).
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Tue, Mar 04, 2014 since last update
This map is a primarily quartz map in which I built a massive stadium, museum, and a futuristic powerered rail system. The developed areas have massive courtyards and a small maze to build on. not complete but a pretty big build!
Temple 707K
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Sun, Jan 20, 2013 since last update
Made by thedarkpower
It is a temple/library
I made it in 5 our's
view me on youtube!
World3 4.9M
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Sun, May 15, 2011 since last update
Mob grinderrr!
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Thu, Aug 15, 2013 since last update
Floating mineshafts, roaming cave spiders, no natural ores, and other things make this one survival map you won't want to miss! Complete the 29 goals, some quite difficult, and try your hand at the bonus goal! If you plan to take this seriously, post a lets play on youtube, and include a link to the map. This way, people all over the world can watch you struggle to survive, start cursing, and laugh all the while. Then, they can experience the challenge for themselves! Good luck! You'll need it! Enjoy my third map!
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Sat, Mar 02, 2013 since last update
This is my desert town Monaca' City.
Recent Comments
why i can not download the map?? :( it is incredible!!...
zotto21 1 week, 3 days ago
How many blocks tall is the land from bedrock to ground, and what is the block width and length? If you could get back to me ASAP, I am trying to recreate this....
Bones219 3 weeks, 5 days ago
Use command + space then type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft. Once you're on that screen go into the saves folder and add the zip into it. Then run Minecraft;...
jdewey01 1 month, 5 days ago
At first in this world, I didn't want to use clay. Later on I started using it. I now have build a little with red bricks :) Very nice! But stone bricks (grey) I used a lot and it's a very nice materi...
RoBoRe 1 month, 3 weeks ago
So cool!...
44roads 1 month, 4 weeks ago
Gracias lo pondre en mi servidor...
babyron 2 months, 4 days ago
Sirve para ponerlo en un servidor?????...
babyron 2 months, 4 days ago
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