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AnsonElvis's Minecraft Worlds

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9 yrs, 1 wk since last update
This is a hard custom map.
Thanks for all your support!
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9 yrs, 3 wks since last update
I used this castle to play the Invasion Mod.
I placed the Nexus next to the chest at the top of the castle.
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9 yrs, 1 wk since last update
This is a hard map.
Good luck!
Remember, there are more rules now than v.1.
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9 yrs, 4 wks since last update
This is a hard custom map.
Good luck!
This is only VERSION 1 of X Craft.There will be future updates coming soon.
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9 yrs, 4 wks since last update
Don't let this picture fool you!
There is a lot more than this.
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9 yrs, 2 wks since last update

1.Survive, of course!
2.Do NOT leave the map boundaries!(U wont go ANYWHERE,cause if u go VERY EXTREMELY far,You see a GIGANTIC Bedrock wall, so dont waste your time.)
3.No mods allowed.(Dont say the map is too easy if you use mods or cheats or hacks!)

1.Find the Crater of Treats!
2.Find the Crater of Flowing Heat!
3.Find the Crater of Ice and Snow!
4.Make a tree farm.
5.Make a farm.NO smaller than 3x3.
(Hints: 1.Use the Grass dirt you find in the Crater of Treats! 2.Place normal dirt around grass dirt to generate MORE grass dirt. 3.Make AND use a hoe!)
6.Go to the deepest part of the Crater of Epicness!(Nothing special in there.No ore.Sorry for that.I may improve it in future updates)
7.Have Fun!
7,847 downloads 1 comments
9 yrs, 4 wks since last update
1.Dont leave Island.(There is NO normally generated Minecraft World!)
2.You can ONLY die THREE times.
3.Have Fun!!!!!

1.Search for Josh's Grave.
2.Tame 3 wolves.
3.Plant 5 trees.
4.Make a farm.(No smaller than 3x3)
5.Kill a pig with YOUR BARE HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!
6.Have Fun!

X marks the spot for coal.
Small Island for cave.

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