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We made a Let's Play for Mars Mission
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Cyndaquil707's Minecraft Worlds

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This is the TrueFinal ToonCraft release. I began working on this map on December 19th 2013, later on I gathered some friends to help as well.

First, apologies if there are any grammatical errors. Im not the best at writing. If anyone reads this anyway :P

The map originally started out as a much simpler project. I wanted to release maps over a period of time and have them all connected with a story. You can partially see this in the first two releases of the map. However, I was approached by someone who offered to take my map and turn entirely into a ToonTown Minecraft server. With tasks, quests, cogs, etc. I accepted. After a few months I had decided I no longer wanted to do it as the idea was a bit too ambitious and was taking large amounts of my time.

Nearly a year later since I stopped working on it, i've decided to release the true final version of the map. While viewing it, you may find some remnants of the map from its old server days. A few things may also be difficult to access without /fly.

This version includes:
99% Complete ToonTown Central
95% Complete Goofy Speedway
Donalds Dock (Playground, 1 street.)
Minnie's Melodyland (Playground, 1 unfinished street)
Daisy's Gardens (Playground, 1 complete street, 1 unfinished street.
The Brrrgh (Playground, 1 unfinished street)
Chip N Dales Acorn Acers (1 playground, + Lots of other custom streets, LoonTown, ToonCity, ETC.)

The Cog HQs are a bit weird. I built them far off away from the main areas so I could have lots of room. Most can be access just by walking to there real location and going to the command block that teleports you. Some are more odd however.
SBHQ (Normal Location)
LBHQ (Acessable via ToonTown Bank in TTC)
BBHQ (Normal location)
CBHQ (Don't quite remember where this one is, I think you can access it somehow in the MML Playground)

Theres probably lots of other places also that I cannot think of atop my head. Also a big thank you to anyone that has downloaded the previous versions. Me and my friends worked really hard on those and hope you liked them.

Anyways, enjoy the map! Hope you like it :D

EDIT: Turns out, there is 1 version of this map that is slightly updated. If I can find it i'll replace the upload.

12/2/2018 - Haven't looked at this in years, just wanna say thanks to all those who liked the map. I don't think of ToonTown much anymore but even if just one person thought the map was cool im glad you liked it.

Big thanks to all my friends who helped. I should've put this here 2 years ago, But Hi5TBone, Comerade, Andyspins, Jaws, Beemo, JohnnyBoy, WindMillie, Troy, and all the others. Thank you.
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here F!REB@t?
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You have lived for a few months in ToonTown, and a few incidents have happened. First a wrecking ball incident appeared on LoopyLane after its finished contraction; then SillyStreet was bombarded by Toon Supply Co, claiming they want to purchase ToonTown for themselves! You decide to go check out these incidents, and see whats going on in ToonTown!

All of TTC is complete, with the exception of the SchoolHouse and the Clothing Shop.
LoopyLane has a wrecking ball incident! There are holes all over in the street, and the wrecking ball is sitting at the end! Who could've caused this?!
SillyStreet has been taken over by Toon Supply Co.! Why? They want to PURCHASE ToonTown!
The race is on at Goofy Speedway! The tracks are not ready, but the playground is!
Goofy's Gag Shop is open! Go buy some gags and give a big SPLAT! to a friend!
Several other shops, such as the library and bank are now open.
Mickey ToonHall is officially open, along with The Silly Meter, nobody knows what its used for!
Toon News #2 Published

Improvements to a lot of buildings.
A few other minor improvements to make overall map look a better.

Also to be sure to check out the previous versions!
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Welcome to ToonTown!
The brand new town of ToonTown has been established! You have just recently moved there from your hometown to find a new life. There are construction supplies everywhere, and toons discussing the election!

This map is an adventure map in a way, it is based of ToonTown Online, and the fan made private server ToonTown Rewritten, it will be released in portions, the final version will include everything, Cog HQs, Estates, All playgrounds, All streets, Estates, and even some new features of my own! Such as LoonTown, DuckBurg, ToonTropolis, Cog Nation, Streets for Chip N Dales Acron Acres, Outskirts of ToonTown, Old ToonTown Central playground, and many more features!

Versions Released
ToonTown V1.0-Features: ToonTown Central, Punchline Place.
ToonTown V1.1-Planned: Finish all of TTC,
ToonTown V2.0-Add first street to Donald's Dock and do Donalds's Dock Playground
ToonTown 2.1-Finish Donlad's Dock and add Chip N Dales Acron Acres
More versions to follow!

There is currently a problem with the map, since the map uses the "miner's paradise" super-flat set, and with a recent MC update, when it rains in-game it snows because it is at a higher elevation, so the entire map is covered in snow. In the next update i will try to make some kind of redstone mechanism to where it won't snow and ruin the map. If anybody can help me with that it would be greatly appreciated.

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UPDATE! (Dec. 7, 2018 7:33 P.M.) *Added new motherboard replicas in this map: = Intel Z68A-GD80 (B3) (MSI) = Intel Z77A-G41 (MSI) = Intel H170M-A PRO (MSI) = Intel E3M-WORKSTATION (MSI) = Intel ...
MatthewStevenGo 4 days, 2 hours ago
is there a server address to this? i really need one...
JeremyTheMinecraftCoder 1 week, 13 hours ago
Fantastic world,its going to be really helpful for my role play I wont forget your credits...
DR_hatake 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Maps are currently bugged, you will not be able to properly upload zipped folders. See if you would like your map rendered....
Nathangorr 2 weeks, 3 days ago
give it another try tomorrow ...
wormyish 2 weeks, 5 days ago
updated again should be fixed...
wormyish 2 weeks, 6 days ago
sadly to report iv lost the 1 copy i had left do to a hhd crash wont beable to contunue work on map unless someone can give me a copy thay have of it will be starting a new city soon hopfuly...
lord_molagbal 3 weeks, 11 hours ago
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Man, that sucks. I hope the file got removed. But who knows where else it was uploaded. There's no stopping that, sadly....
Wickstrom 23 hours, 27 minutes ago
I'll get to your render by Monday. I'm currently having difficulty rendering 1.6.4 maps with my current rendering solution. Edit: Ironing out some bugs. It may take a bit longer than expected. ...
Nathangorr 2 days, 12 hours ago
Request Completed cyborgratchet - Brendan Empire (1.6.4) | 1. 2. 1.6.4 3. Brend...
cyborgratchet 2 days, 17 hours ago
Here is the link of the map in question: The map name will be this: World of GPU and Motherboard Pixel Art Replicas. Further, th...
MatthewStevenGo 3 days, 6 hours ago
I will need a download link, as your archive on MCWM is empty. Please also provide the following information: A download link to your map (Zipped Folder on Dropbox, Google Drive, MEGA, etc.)....
Nathangorr 3 days, 11 hours ago
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