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Datka_g's Minecraft Worlds

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It has now been 14 months since I first logged on a Minecraft SMP server and started building what is now a huge Tree House.
Since absolutely no cheat was used for this Hotel Tree (apart from teleports I must admit ^^) I obviously cannot say that no trees were harmed during the construction. As a matter of facts 38.000 wood blocks were logged to please my never ending hunger for wood.
Also I wanted to thank the whole community who provided me with some great ideas, not only about tree houses but about anything one could possibly look for.
And thanks again to the admins and members of Fr-Minecraft server who made this creation possible.

Regarding the Texture Pack and Mods, I used Ravand's Realistic HD Pack (1.2.5) coupled with Incredible Shaders which you'll find easily and that will change your Minecraft into a whole new game :)

About the musics, I obviously didn't have any intention of using them in a fraudulous way so here are the credits for those:
I used four tracks from Two steps from Hell:
Heart of Courage
United we Stand Divided we Fall
Protector of the Earth
Everlasting Nero
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FC Barcelona stadium camp nou
1. Night Light
2. Commentator rooms

Picture 2
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My firs national game stadium

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