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David Brasher
164 downloads 6 comments across 2 worlds.

David Brasher's Minecraft Worlds

David Brasher
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4 yrs, 6 mths since last update
Follow the marked path for about 30 days to reach the end. Sometimes the path will be a well-paved road. Other times it will be a small trail. Sometimes it will just be markers or signs. Sometimes you will ride on a mine car. Sometimes you will ride a boat on a canal. Other times you will carefully navigate across wide oceans. You will even follow the path through the Nether.

At the end of the path there is cool stuff. A castle, a roller coaster, a trampoline, a shooting gallery, treasure, and food.

There are 31 shelters spaced out along the path. Some rather fancy, some rather plain. The main thing is to be inside of one when darkness falls. Each shelter is marked with a waypoint sign so that you can tell how far along you are. You can travel the path as slowly or as quickly as you like. You can go for speed and see how few days you can make the journey in, or you can take your time, hoard resources, and enjoy the scenery.

The map uses a really exciting seed with all the biomes within 2000 blocks of spawn. The path is purposely routed to go through all the most exciting biomes including mesa, Bryce, ice spikes, jungle, mushroom island, and mega taiga. It pretty much gives you a tour of all the Minecraft biomes.

There really aren't many. It is free play style. Break all the blocks you want, place all the blocks you want, craft all you want, and farm all you want.

(1) Stay in Survival Mode at all times.
(2) It is best to stay on the hard difficulty setting at all times.
(3) Do not use console commands to cheat.
David Brasher
145 downloads 6 comments
5 yrs, 4 mths since last update
Long ago your people lost a war and were banished to an area surrounded by an impassible magical barrier. Things went well for a time and a new village was built. But the area within your prison was too small. The land was not fertile enough. There was too little mineral wealth. The population grew too large.

The forests receded as more and more wood was cut. Wildlife was hunted to the point where it could hardly be found anymore. Overgrazing and the relentless hunt for seeds laid waste to the plains.

Then things got really bad. The harvest failed twice in row. The flocks and herds perished. The theocratic rulers of the village made some unwise management decisions and trusted too much to their faith and too little to logic and hard work. Before anyone realized what had happened, important food crops had gone locally extinct. Prices rose higher and higher. People began to starve to death and the graveyard started filling up quickly. A few hardy souls desperately attempted to cross the magical barrier with predictably tragic results.

The barrier was not exactly impassible. Your people could not get out, but monsters and evil men could get in to prey upon the people of the village in their darkest hour. Maintaining the stone wall around the village became a big priority at the same time that maximum effort to obtain food was required.

In short, your people are about to die off.

One morning you wake up in your house and realize that you only have enough wheat left to make three loaves of bread. Your meager life savings of 10 emeralds will not buy much food or anything else. You need to take action now, venture beyond the safety of the village walls, gather resources, and work hard to rebuild the agricultural system before it is too late for everyone.

* * *

The main point of this map is to have resources be scarce and to make it so you have to struggle to avoid starving. Standard Minecraft is way too easy. Careful people never starve to death. They get so rich that they can't figure out what to do with all their treasure. It gets boring. Trading with villagers is pointless because you can get the things they sell on your own more easily than you can get the emeralds to buy them. Selling stuff to them seems pointless because amassing emeralds seems useless because there is nothing you really need
to spend them on. So you just horde them in a chest and look at them.

But this map is different. You really could starve if you are not careful or if you make bad decisions. Being able to trade with villagers can be a matter of life and death. Here are the challenges you face:

(1) Your village is imprisoned inside a magical barrier and the resources inside have been depleted.
(2) There is pretty much no grass and no seeds. So wheat farming will be difficult.
(3) Animals are very scarce. You won't get much meat.
(4) You don't know where to find any red mushrooms.
(5) You don't know where to find any potatoes and carrots.
(6) You don't know where to find any melons.
(7) You don't know where to find any cocoa beans.
(8) The forests have been chopped down. Wood is scarce.
(9) The area does not have a lot of mineral wealth. Coal and iron are scarce.

Inside the walls of your large village, you will find villagers to trade with, a few resources, and lots of garden space if you can find anything useful
to grow.

Outside the village wall you will find a few resources and dungeons to explore. The best loot is found in chests at the end of dungeons. Things that will make it easier to survive.

There really aren't many. It is free play style. Break all the blocks you want, place all the blocks you want, and craft all you want.

(1) Stay in Survival Mode at all times.
(2) Stay on the hard difficulty setting at all times.
(3) Be nice to villagers. You are the hero trying to save them. So do not kill them and grief their property. Do not steal from them unless absolutely necessary for the good of the village. Those who live outside the village walls (other than at the mine) are outlaws and their property is fair game.

V 1.0 1/31/15 Initial release. Four dungeons total.
V 1.1 2/22/15 Nine dungeons total. Roller coaster added.

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