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Jonzo11's Minecraft Worlds

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Update 4 is finally here after a huge lag in playing. Many new things underway:
  • A mountain near the spawn has been flattened, making room for a large castle complex.
  • A small RPG-like town near a new castle complex in the north and the end of the long cobble road.
  • Many small projects along the cobble road the north.
  • A working 'teleport system' with two portals to the Nether with a super fast minecart track there.
  • A replica of the Amity High School from amity has construction started recently.

There is probably other stuff I missed, but oh well! Remember, this is a server with 3 people.
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8 yrs, 3 mths since last update
We have a new player on our server. He has built a rather large complex near the spawn, very close to the glass building with the hourglass on top of it. I have also complete the Spawn-Sphere (Shown in screenshot). It is a sphere that people can spawn in when they die. Ya, that's about it.
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8 yrs, 4 mths since last update
This is our 3 person server's second update.
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8 yrs, 4 mths since last update
My little private 3 person server. Update number 1 for our world. Lava minecart tunnel is fully functional now with the powered rails update. :)

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raigoo 2 days, 1 hour ago
Yeah, the map generator stopped working a while ago, and the admin doesn't have permissions to fix it. It only supported vanilla minecraft, so if it had rendered it might have looked weird. We...
44roads 2 days, 19 hours ago
In this 4th version of my world I have most crops (15): wheat, potato, beetroot , carrot, melon, pumpkin, sugar cane, sweet berries, cactus, red mushroom (small & huge), brown mushroom (small & huge),...
RoBoRe 1 week, 3 days ago
This map broke. Also, since I am a newbie, does this website support modded road markings?...
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A slightly updated version of my world is available here! This is right before I stupidly updated to 1.13. Now I can't see half th...
ManBeast 2 weeks, 4 hours ago
I would love to start a new server, and am willing to be an admin. I know Zephyr302 also has interest in the server. Would be great to get the group back together.[/quote I agree with you, play...
DiGiDiX57 2 weeks, 12 hours ago
Stuff I have build but forgotten to mention in the description: also tunnels, bridges, different types of pathways, artificial islands (floors of 1 block cobblestone) (6?), roofs above flatten pieces ...
RoBoRe 3 weeks, 1 day ago
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