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RememberChallenger1986's Minecraft Worlds

398 downloads 9 comments
4 yrs, 7 mths since last update
Guys, welcome to New Flourish!
The second incarnation of my first map! I decided to make this map more accurate to the World Trade Center.

Update 6/25/15
Uploaded world for the first time. Added most of One World Trade Center, and dug grooves for the streets, also, added outline for Two World Trade Center, Three World Trade Center, the Performing Arts Center (Although I cannot start the PAC until I get a legitimate rendering of it.) and the Transportation Hub.

Update 6/28/15
Some of the older buildings from the previous version of Flourish will be on this map, too. don't you worry ;)

Update 7/1/15
Added Two World Trade Center from the last map, added Transportation Hub structure, and worked on Three World Trade Center. I've decided to remove Two World Trade Center once again. Now, hear me out. This is because I want to do two things. I want to make it less fat looking, and also make it look shorter than One World Trade Center. And after complaining about the design for Two World Trade Center,the new Bjarke Ingles design is kinda growing on me. I mean, there really isn't anything anybody can do, really. :p And I can also build the Norman Foster design elsewhere. It just won't be in the World Trade Center. Also, I made One World Trade Center taller, and the taller design means that I don't have much room for that totally bad ass machine that can stop the day/night cycle. (For those of you who have no idea, in the first map, there was a machine on top of One WTC with command blocks that summoned a whole bunch of lightning and then stopped the day/night cycle. So, with the new Bjarke Ingles design of Two World Trade Center, I can use the parapet on the top of Two World Trade Center to be my base for the Day/Night stopping machine and the parapet on top of Three World Trade Center for the Day/Night starting machine (Oooh this map really writes itself!!! ^_^ And not only that, I have designed an idea, Each part of the city has it's own district, and here are my district ideas.
-The World Trade Center (The New WTC Buildings, and some of the surrounding buildings, such as the Barclay-Vesey Building, the Verizon Building, One Liberty Plaza, the Millenium Hotel, and the Woolworth Building)
-Little Chicago (This will have Chicago-Only buildings, like the Sears Tower, the John Hancock Tower, One and Two Prudential Plaza, the CNA Tower, the Smurfit-Stone Building, and the Aon Center)
-Little Mannahattan (This will have non WTC buildings from NYC. The Empire State Building, the Met-Life Building, the Citigroup Building, 423 Park Avenue, the Chrysler Building, and the demolished, but still gorgeous Singer Building.)
-Little Flint (I live in mid-Michigan, so this will be buildings in Flint)
And One more district featuring buildings that I designed myself! :D
I know we can do it guys! I just need your support and downloads! (And by the way, these updates are gonna be much more wordy like this one.) Lets hope that Minecraft World Map will let me have all this stuff ^_^

Update 7/5/15
Hello, people! I haven't got as much done yet, but I promise you, I will. So far, I have finished the structure to Three World Trade Center, and I need to add the floors and the core. I used banners on some of the parts of the windows to add texture. I still have to remove the crappy designed Two World Trade Center and redo it. I added the outline to One World Trade center's floors, and I need to finish all of the command blocks for the elevators. :D Yup. there's gonna be working elevators in all of the buildings. But of course, this takes time. The elevators will have an up and down feature. Also, there will be an express elevator that goes straight to the top floor. I added the outline for Four World Trade Center, and I am working at the base of it. It's gonna be difficult because of the setbacks, the slants, and the corners. In Four World Trade Center, there are these 'notches' in the southwest and northeast corners of the buildings. Its a cool design! Lastly, I dug the roads for around the entire WTC site. Just the WTC, not the surrounding buildings. :P I am going to fill them with Blocks of Coal for the streets, and remove Two World Trade Center to redo it.

Update 7/16/15
Hello, again! It's me! In today's update, I worked more on Three World Trade Center, and mainly finished the structure of Four World Trade Center. I re-worked on Two World Trade Center. I added the Daylight Cycle on/off machines. The Daylight Cycle on machine is on top of Three World Trade Center, and the off switch is on Two World Trade Center. I promise I will add the roads in the next update, I forgot, and I'm sorry. But I will get to it.

Update 8/2/15
Hey, I'm back! And guess what? I finally added roads! YAY!!!! :D Okay, lets talk buildings. Last night I added most of the Barclay-Vesey Building. That's the art-deco building next to Seven World Trade Center, and behind One World Trade Center. Oh, I almost forgot, I added the structure for Seven World Trade Center, and I am currently working on the cladding for that building. I am almost done covering Two World Trade Center in glass, and I built some outlines for the floors on buildings Two, Three and Four. I am also starting on One Liberty Plaza, the black building behind Four World Trade Center. That is all! Goodbye, and sorry I took long with this update!

Update 8/7/15
Good Evening, fellow minecrafters! Todays update has kind of an overhaul in the little time. I'll start out by saying that the Barclay-Vesey Building is now clad in Sandstone, to match 90 Church Street. That's the building that is currently under construction north of Two World Trade Center. One Liberty Plaza, the building east of Four World Trade Center is completely clad in the stained glass and grey wool. (Because thats what skyscrapers are made of. Shut up) And now all I need is the internal structure. Seven World Trade Center is almost completely clad in light blue stained glass, and also, I added the Flourish Public Library. That building is based off of St. Paul's Cathedral in NYC. Its the same location, (east of Two World Trade Center) but I don't know what the inside of a church looks like, as somebody who doesn't go to church. That's all for now. Coming up soon, is the complete cladding of glass on Two World Trade Center, the cores for the World Trade Center buildings to finish, the elevator system for One World Trade Center to be finished and the express elevator to be fixed (when I increased the height of One WTC back in June, I forgot to fix the command block elevator for One WTC's Express Elevator to the top floor. Also, I will add some trees around the buildings, and start planning the memorial plaza. Whoo!

Update 8/19/15
Something great about me is that even after I leave for a week, I still provide you with a quality, bountiful update. And not only that, All the stuff in the update was made today and yesterday. To start, I added some work in the lobby of One Liberty Plaza. That's the black building behind Four World Trade Center. Second, I added some trees around the World Trade Center towers, to give it a more lively feel to it.One of the coolest things I added was a 'Blinker' on top of One World Trade Center. Using command blocks and a minecart, I was able to make a blinker on the tip of One World Trade Center's spire. Next up, I added the outline to the World Financial Center, and just in a few hours, I built the entire structure of One World Financial Center. My hand hurts. It's like 1:30 in the morning over here.
It's now 10:50 over here, and just early this morning, I rendered the map. Well, I'm rendering it again! SO THERE! In this one, I changed the sandstone of the World Financial Center to White Stained Clay, to give it a better look, and I've also changed the black stained glass to light blue stained glass, and it looks so much better. I also have made the NEXT building in the World Financial Center: Two World Financial Center (yay) This one is slightly taller than One World Financial Center, and the rooftop is dome-shaped. One World Financial Center is slightly shorter than Two World Financial Center and has a rooftop as a square pyramid, but this one is cut off at the end. The next tower in the World Financial Center complex is... yup. That's right. Three World Financial Center. And that one is the tallest in the complex and judges the other three towers silently. Three World Financial Center has a square pyramid roof, but unlike One World Financial Center, it has a full pyramid with the pointy tip and everything. Four World Financial Center is up next. But however, this one is the shortest and it is very embarrassed because of his height. The roof is shaped like a structure called a 'Ziggurat' and unlike it's other three towers, the 'ornament' at the top won't be made of diamond. For some reason this tower's ornament does not match the other seafoam colors of the rest of the World Financial Center. This one is kind of a burnt red. It's really strange. But thank god for MCEdit so I can test out all the different color choices. Ok this is getting too wordy and silly. Bye!

Update 8/24/15
Sorry I didn't upload yesterday, I was very busy, but I made up for it by adding the structure of both Three AND Four World Financial Center. The ENTIRE exterior of the World Financial Center is finished, except for the Winter Garden Atrium, which is very complicated looking, so it might take a while. Other than that, that's pretty much it.

Update 8/30/15
Good News! Today's update is quite an overhaul! I added the Winter Garden Atrium in the World Financial Center, and It needs to be filled. After about a few months, I have finished cladding Two World Trade Center in glass. Then, I added Liberty Park. Not completely. I have kind of added these concrete halls underground that leads to an island off the mainland. This was thought of after two C418 songs from Minecraft-Volume Beta. One is called 'Dead Voxel' and the other is 'Concrete Halls.' The halls will be more complex, and have more corridors. Also, I have added two more small buildings south of Liberty Park. 90 West Street, and 130 Cedar Street. Seven World Trade Center is completely clad in glass, and 90 Church street's exterior is now complete. I got a lot done!

Update 9/4/15
I got a lot done for today! First off, I changed the roof of 90 West Street from prismarine bricks to brown stained clay. I also changed the roof of Four World Financial Center from brown stained clay to diamond block. Next up, I added both reflecting pools to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum plaza. I have completed the cores for Two and Three World Trade Center. On Two World Trade Center, I added the outline for all the floors. And I have destroyed the Day/Night Cycle Stopper and Starter on the roofs, and I'm going to hide them someplace else.... ;) I have also added the roof for 90 Church Street, and added the wall on 130 Cedar Street. On Liberty Park, I added the trees, and I tinkered with the inside of the park. One of the biggest things I did was add many things to One World Financial Center. I added the lights in random areas, so it looks like a building at night, with some small lights on in the offices. I also added the complete core, and filled in all the floors. That's all for today, folks.

Update 9/22/15
Hey, Guys. Sorry I haven't been updating. School has started, and it's been very busy. I got a lot done, so this update log is gonna be huge. I'll start off small, I added more streets. In the place where Five World Trade Center is supposed to be, I added a construction site that's currently not operational, to say that Five World Trade Center is on hold, and the project is likely scrapped. If it is, I will clear that area. If we get a new rendering and a new design of Five World Trade Center, then, I will clear the construction and build it. I have been working with banners, and I have made banners of every letter and number. Around the construction fence for Five World Trade Center's site, I put banners to say COMING SOON 5 WORLD TRADE CENTER I am also working on banners of all the flags of the world. I have a lot to do, and I have no idea where I'm gonna put them all. So far, what I have flag-wise is in two large chests on the roof of Two World Trade Center. Speaking of which, I also extended the parapet of Two World Trade Center. Next up, I changed the Barclay-Vesey Building's facade to Oak Wood Planks, to match it's color better. Next, I added the Fiterman Hall, near the World Trade Center. It's all furnished and lit up. It's a recording studio! :D Finally, I am starting to work on the Woolworth Building. I built a construction fence around it, and soon, I'm going to make the fence smaller, so I can make room for 30 Park Place, which is a new building on the same block as the Woolworth Building. It looks really cool! Other that all that, That's what I've been up to the last two weeks. BYE!

Update 11/27/15
Hey, you guys! Sorry that I haven't been updating since September, but I've been CRAZY busy, what with school and orchestra practice and whatnot. But I still build when I have the time, and you will not be disappointed! First off, the Transportation Hub is coming along so nicely, and for the past few weeks, I've been expanding it like crazy! Also, I noticed, the World Trade Center buildings all connect to it. Floor B1 is on Y- coordinate 55, and Floor B2 is on Y- coordinate 49. Floor B3 is on y- coordinate 43, and Floor B4 is on y-coordinate 37. Floors B3 and B4 of the World Trade Center Towers aren't connected to each other like Floors B1 and B2 are. And those floors flow into the Transportation Hub. You can probably see it on the rendering above, if you switch it to 'cave' setting. Or if you give it a download (hint hint), you can explore it for yourself! One World Trade Center now has all the floors filled in, which is great! Now all I gotta do is fix and finish the elevators! Also, all the lobbies of the World Trade Center towers (except for towers 1 and 7) are home to retail, which will be added in the future. I have shifted all my attention towards the World Trade Center, and not the other buildings, so I can finish stuff faster. Next up, One World Trade Center's lobby is re-vamped. Floors B1 and B2 are coming in nicely, and B2 will be connected to the West Concourse Balcony. Also, Seven World Trade Center got some work, too! In the roof parapet, I decided to make a maintenance room. Lastly, ALL of the World Trade Center towers are clad in ice blocks instead of light blue stained glass, to give it a less transparent look. Also, adding ice makes it a lot cooler looking! :D (booooooo)
Sorry for the late update, but I promise more to come!

Update 12/13/15
Hey, I'm back with more updating! :D So first off, I worked pretty damn hard on the Transportation Hub hall. It took me a while, but I got the big ribcage-looking structure in the main hall. I also, made sure the West Concourse didn't curve southward less. It's hard to explain, but... trust me, okay? I also am adding a grand staircase to floor B2 of the Transportation Hub. Next up, I destroyed the area where the Performing Arts Center will be, and turned it into a grassy area, like in some of the pre-2015 renderings. Also, last month, it was announced that the REAL World Trade Center Performing Arts Center's architect was chosen, and renderings will be released in Spring 2016. I can't wait! But until then, that will be just a grassy area (in my minecraft world). Next off, and probably most obvious, I deleted the Woolworth Building. I built it too high, and that was stupid of me. Very stupid. I am gonna wait until I build 30 Park Place there, on the same block as it, and then build it. That was the problem with the first copy of the Woolworth Building that I built in the first version of Flourish. Only that one was (I believe) at a 1:1 scale, and it was taller than One World Trade Center, which is crazy inaccurate. Lastly, I am working in the parapet for Two World Trade Center. I have to fill it with satellite dishes, because the main tenant for that building in real life needs satellite dishes.
Next up on the agenda, the future of this map. I don't plan on quitting on this map. However, if something very serious comes up in my personal life, and I need time to work on it, then I have to do that. But otherwise I will keep building when I can, and updating it too. The World Trade Center towers (One, Two, Three, Four, and Seven) will be hopefully finished after New Years. This week (12/14-12/19) is going to be very busy, due to the fact that I play the violin, and I have concerts to go to. I am going to be working at my high school for 11 hours of concert material. So, next week, once Winter Break starts, I'll have more time to work on these towers and have them completed before New Years. I might have One World Trade Center completed before 2015 ends! But after that, exam prep starts, so I gotta do that. The rest of the World Trade Center, (The Transit Hub hall, the retail, the Performing Arts Center, and most importantly, the Memeorial Plaza and the underground Museum) I am planning to finish by the end of the summertime. Maybe before that, if I really bust my butt. The World Financial Center, too. The other surrounding buildings are right now, just exterior. Nothing on the inside. That's gonna take a while, too. So I plan to get the surrounding buildings done HOPEFULLY before Fall 2016. I have all summer to work on these (except for when I take drivers training, and camping trips). Finally, to make this island complete, is a border around the island. No, not a big wall, but a grassy border, about 15 blocks thick, with some trees and grass. After that, a 7 block thick Andesite border around the grass. After that, the island is complete! But I can't do this until ALL of the buildings are complete. So I might have this done by Winter 2016, maybe even into early 2017. But this will dip into my Senior year at High School, and that's a very busy time. Just look how far we've gotten since I started this map in June! We've come a long way, and the best is yet to come.

Update 2/19/2016
Oh my god it has been a long time. I am SO SORRY! School is very stressful and difficult. Don't get me wrong. I have done a lot. First off, I have given Two World Trade Center an overhaul. First, the part that overhangs has been made to hang over farther, making it less fat looking. Next off, I am giving it a pattern with blue wool to make it look more like the building. That part isn't done yet. Also, with that building, I put a giant fence around it, because a few weeks ago, the main tenant of that building moved out, so the future of that building's design is in limbo. Hopefully we get back the pretty diamond design. Next, I added bracing on Three World Trade Center, and I gave the core a different look. I also took the trees off. Next, I am announcing that I'm working on a different city in this world. I haven't thought of a name yet. Its just 'New City'. Its basically a raised island of old fashioned skyscrapers! The Transportation Hub at the World Trade Center now can bring you there through one of the subway lines on floor B1. Just head to the right (in this case, the opposite of left. not 'right' as in 'correct') subway hall. If you must, spawn a minecart to take you there. For those who remember my first world, there are three skyscrapers from there that I imported in the world. I am still doing 'Little New York' and 'Little Chicago' projects. Plus, i have another idea. Its called 'New Rome.' Basically a LOT of quartz buildings. That's gonna be a seperate island. That's all! Oh one last thing sorry. The 'Little Flint' idea I had is now going to be in 'New City'

Update 3/5/2016
Hi! But seriously though. I have a great update for you all today! First off on our agenda, I removed the fence around Two World Trade Center. So yeah. There's that. Second off, I worked on the subway station leading to New City, which still doesn't have a name yet. I'm thinking still. I worked on the Transportation Building, which is based off of the old Hudson Terminal Building in New York. In New City, I imported and am currently working on the Genessee Towers from Flint, Michigan. The outside is all done, and so is the core. Just need the floors, elevators, and lighting. Then I gotta plan the area for little Flint. What I have decided to do for Little Flint to put Genessee Towers, the Mott Foundation Building (the current tallest building in Flint), the Citizens Bank with the Weather Ball, and the Whiting Auditorium. That's pretty much it. Ooh also, I recently watched 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and made a little model of it. It even talks! Get in the car and press the button on the floor! :D

Update 4/10/2016
Oh my god, you guys. I am so sorry. I have been REALLY BUSY. The SATs are in a couple days, and I've been studying them, and dealing with some personal things at home. I hope you all understand. And also, the map didn't want to re-render the last time I uploaded it -_- There is so much I have added in this update. I have no idea what to do first, so I figured I'd let you guys check it out for yourselves. Bye

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