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TheMapMaker0116's Minecraft Worlds

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You are a stranger who wakes up in a place that could be considered a dream paradise, the place itself is very cozy in the day but at night, things may go out of control, Welcome to Town of Discord (a.k.a Paradise Falls), the dream- like place which hides a disturbing secret.

Original Map: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/city-maps/project-paradisefalls
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Ok,this is a remake,the world dont apeared,this the original link of the


Welcome to this individual world of Steampunk Castle

The building is fully furnitured and hides plenty of secrets, easter eggs and even a hidden story line to you to discover
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Welcome to the Steampunk Castle,a nice to have a good time discovering the secrets of the castle, and view the amazing places in the castle, you start on a boat, then you go to the back and you should find a block of commands and a pressure plate, stand up place and will take you to a cave, then you are looking stairs, climb, you follow a corridor carrying a lift, you enter the acensor and give them the button above, then from there, is entirely at your discretion

I hope difrutes this map, also off the boat there is a bar that looks like a house near the castle there watchtowers, but I think that is enough

Original Link map:

(This map is not mine, is the creator of the original link of this map, I also want to say I play this map on the 1.8 is not recommended, so if you want to play this map at 1.8 I recommend using Optifine and better play in the 1.7.10 or 1.7.2 )
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What would you do if there were no water in the world of minecraft? Survival:No Water also called No water survival is a open world survival map made with the "drought" 1.8 personalized preset

You wake up in a house with a chicken,you live near to the sea,you go to search water,but you view tbe worst thing in your life,water has disappeared,now,is in your hands search a way to survive this apocalipse

Prepare to spend the worst torture that can happen to someone, live in a world without water Can you survive this challenge of survival despite limited resources and little easy mobility? Find out yourself
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This is my personal laboratory,is avaliable for download and is now in construction,but coming soon we have more space and more fields
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This map make by Kakytron is one of my favorite maps (but i can´t play because my computer is a laptop :( )

Enjoy :D

PD:The map is in SPANISH,disvantage for the "no-spanish speakers"
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2 yrs, 1 mth since last update
The awesome gardens of lights (by a user of planet minecraft)

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delete all the .mcr files and leave the .mca files this will fix the map......
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can you upload the same world but a zipped file please...
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How do i get the file?...
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zoom all the way out.......
trollcraft 2 days, 14 hours ago
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You've got the IP and Port mixed up. The Port is always going to be a numerical value. (For example, connecting to a default Minecraft server hosted locally on your computer would be, ...
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