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cgutteridge's Minecraft Worlds

Map generation in progress...
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4 mths, 4 hrs since last update
LIDAR & OpenStreetmap generated map of the site of Boomtown festival.
Map generation in progress...
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4 mths, 2 wks since last update
Ryde, Isle of Wight, but with the buildings coloured in pride flag colours in 8m bands. Because it's the pride weekend and I like rainbows.

Data from DEFRA & open steetmap.
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5 mths, 1 wk since last update
Using openstreetmap + DEFRA LIDAR data. Greenwich university in pride flag colours.
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5 mths, 3 wks since last update
Made for Pride Month 2019.
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6 mths, 2 wks since last update
This is an experiment to see what happens if the sea was one day 5m higher. The docks are all reclaimed land and are quite vulnerable, but the old city (Below Bar) is much higher up.

5m sounds like a lot, but normal tides in Southampton seem to be up to 4m variation (which I assume is +/-2). Predictions on sea level rise by 2100 range from 50cm to 200cm. One bad storm surge could render the lowlying parts of our city unusable. My back of the envelope maths is:
1m sea level rise + 2m high tide + 2m storm surge (last happened in the UK in 2013). https://noc.ac.uk/news/storm-surge-hits-uk-coastline

OK, I know that higher end of those predictions is only 1-5% chance that's not odds normal people would take of a massive disaster.
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6 mths, 3 wks since last update
Crafted in survival over 8 months. This is a model of the beach I played on as a kid.

This version is chopped out of our larger server, so cuts off a bit weirdly at the edges.
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6 mths, 3 wks since last update
Central London under 20m of water. Hopefully we're still a few years away from this!
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7 mths, 2 days since last update
This is a very approximate model of what London would look like under 6m of water. Parliament square is only about 5 or 6m above sea level and the Thames barrier protects it.. for now. The barrier was expected to be used 2-3 times a year, but is now needed 6-7 times.

Remember with sea level rise, it's not the average that matters, it's how high high tide gets!

Source data: LIDAR from DEFRA using most recent 1m scale DTM & DSM. Map data from openstreetmap.

Inspired by Extinction Rebellion. Keep up the good work.

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Nice! I was looking how to upload here. Thanks for doing it....
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Hey there, what Minecraft folder do I put these files from Google Drive into? I've tried the saves folder and the mods folder, but neither seems to work. Thanks!...
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anan baban bacın gardaşının...
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How do I activate it on my iPhone From Luke...
Luke Potter 3 weeks, 5 days ago
I have downloaded your world on my Mac but I don't know how to actually open it. Help please....
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