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Map generation in progress...
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A new version of Central London for 2019. This version has hollow buildings to make it easier to modify and enhance. It has flowers and tufts on any areas of grass, and signposts marking the location of things mentioned on Wikipedia.

It uses data from Open Streetmap, DEFRA LIDAR and Wikidedia.

by Christopher Gutteridge, @cgutteridge, [email protected]
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Hythe Pier. Built from DEFRA LIDAR data and open street map. Using

Buildings are hollow. Map locations match UK Easting Northing.

./generate-world --postcode SO456AU --mapcoords --blocks config/blocks.hollow --size 1024 HythePier
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Part of Exeter rendered in Minecraft from LIDAR & OpenStreetmap.
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Aston University built from DEFRA LIDAR data and OpenStreetMap.
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Map rendering of 4096x4096 around Swanscombe, Kent, UK. Uses DEFRA LIDAR data and Open Street Map data.
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A map of Leeds built from open data.
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This map was creating software developed at the University of Southampton, with advice from the archaeology department.

Can you reconstruct the settlement which lies beneath this hill?

We've used "podzol" blocks to simulate the darkened soil you find where wood has rotted away.

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This map was generated using my tool which combines DEFRA LIDAR data with open street map. It might make a good basis for a project?

Use freely. Have fun!

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You'll need to create a free account to post it. no credit card needed just create username and password, put in an email address. then log in and go to where your username is in the top right corner,...
themummykv62 1 week, 1 day ago
How did you post this map ...
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Hi, mit Status 3 ist heute das neue Icon fuers neue Projekt rausgekommen. Mein Team aus aktuell schon 6 Freunden arbeitet jeweils in 2 Teams an den einzelnen Projekten um die Produktion zu steiger...
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Hi, I've just uploaded a new version of my map of central London. This version has data from Wikipedia -- signposts on all the landmarks. Building...
cgutteridge 6 days, 19 hours ago
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