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2012.01.29: beach house @ x=-793, z=1667
reachable underwater zombie dungeon @ x=-1059, z=2238
small village @ x=-1005, z=2916
2012.01.23: the xp farm stopped working with 12w03a, so I changed the difficulty to Hardcore and went south.
2012.01.14: mob spawner expanded a bit, more mining
2012.01.09: experimental mob spawner works well
2012.01.06: experimental mob spawner for future xp farm
2012.01.03: 2nd nether portal leads to spawn, small welcome building, real taiga at spawn with weekly version of Minecraft
2011.12.30: enderdragon defeated
2011.12.29: the end portal opened, cow farm for cheap armor
2011.12.27: yet another watchtower, 3 more eyes to the end
2011.12.23: another watchtower, 4 more ender eyes needed for the end portal
2011.12.18: finished the underwater tunnel
2011.12.17: working on the underwater tunnel to the end portal
2011.12.03: moved to town, some explorations toward the end portal
2011.11.29: "creeper holes" around spawn because of the nightly endermen hunt, road to town
- nether: route to blaze spawner
- overworld: chicken hole and started a marked road to the nearest end portal
2011.11.27: nether portal, watchtower (looking for endermen)
2011.11.26: basic mining station and a wheat farm
2011.11.20: start
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This is my 4th server world. The goal is playing somewhere until the hopefully final terrain generator.
(as new versions came out, this was discontinued)

2011.09.21: road to the deep
2011.09.19: more roads, 2nd base
2011.09.18: roads
2011.09.15: start, bridge to the land
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This was my 3rd world. Discontinued because of the terrain generator changes.
There are a few buildings and stuff around spawn. Lots of mined resources near the big tower.

2011.09.09: went for redwood, came back, rooftop art finished
2011.09.08: finished grassing the roof with some art
2011.09.04: after running to the original spawn
2011.09.02: after the 1st (failed) attempt to run to the original spawn
2011.08.28: 4 towers, gate to Nether
2011.08.26: underground slime spawner of 4 chunks
2011.08.18: the new base is more like a castle with a great entrance
2011.08.13: started building a new floating base at (-10991, 74, 3099)
2011.08.10: new cave house at (-3858, 72, 359)
2011.08.05: started exploring
... (detailed historical data was lost in a lava pit)
2011.04.29: start of the map (no mod, no cheat)
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7 yrs, 10 mths since last update
This was my first server world. (no mod, no cheat)
This was the one, where I tested the server.

It's basically a big hole to the bedrock with small underground bases at various levels.

Started a new one after version change, because of the terrain generation change.

Last update: 2011.04.29 v1.5_02

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