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ozzie's Minecraft Worlds

Oz 31M
0 downloads 0 comments
3 yrs, 6 mths since last update
9-12 - started new world
9-19 - skeleton spawner found
9-24 - the great dark forest fire
10-10 - blaze spawner tinkering
10-31 - zombie loots
22 downloads 0 comments
4 yrs, 9 mths since last update
Test world with brewing setups.

Goal is a semi-automatic system where the recipe is set up in droppers, you push a button, potions brew, you take the potions out.

Final model uses three recipes/buttons. Refilling/changing recipe is easy. Takes up a good amount of space but easy to use.
256 downloads 1 comments
3 yrs, 6 mths since last update
Maintenance after 1.8
Nether roof "repair"
Bunny loot
South 16000
Tiny village outpost
Deep South horse village base begins
Horse vetting
Deep South Ranch now open
Going home and finding an
Underwater temple
Quartz makeover on Spawn Base
New brewing system
Mushroom farm makeover
Blaze farm look-n-feel upgrade
Skull madness -- Enchanting setup
Beacon parade & underwater monument pillaging
Underwater dome test
Mushroom hunting
Unnecessary skeleton farm
*Going on hiatus* See comment
test 334K
0 downloads 0 comments
3 yrs, 6 mths since last update
test world begin

Recent Comments
At first in this world, I didn't want to use clay. Later on I started using it. I now have build a little with red bricks :) Very nice! But stone bricks (grey) I used a lot and it's a very nice materi...
RoBoRe 1 week, 4 days ago
So cool!...
44roads 2 weeks, 4 days ago
Gracias lo pondre en mi servidor...
babyron 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Sirve para ponerlo en un servidor?????...
babyron 3 weeks, 2 days ago
Kevin's old Minecraft series from 2011 has unfortunately been made private, along with all of the other videos from his old channel. I've searched literally everywhere online for an archive of this se...
Rhondson 4 weeks, 6 minutes ago
It still shows up with a rar file for me, and i really want to download it......
Cory 1 month, 2 days ago
is this still available or any way to download it anymore?...
skyhiromoshy 1 month, 3 days ago
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OknaPlastikovieBromy 18 hours, 42 minutes ago
Basically, when I upload the world and save it, it says probably INCOMPLETE UPLOAD (can't see it properly, it is obstructed by edit icon); see attachment When I look at my maps, it shows all 8 of the...
Micek_52 2 days, 20 minutes ago
hi guys! My old map from minecraftworldmap has been revised and is now called IslandShop Version 5 and you find it on Planetminecraft. www.planetminecraft.com/project/islandshop-v3/ * What's new? A...
raigoo 6 days, 18 hours ago
Hello Admins !  I would like your help to render my map :)  I am putting it in a .rtr files live always. I reuplaoded it once like it's said, but it is still blank and loading (will try again now)....
Djuzzepe34 2 weeks, 3 days ago
SKEIGHT?? Are you back??...
TheBoi 1 month, 1 week ago
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